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Anna Lam

Anna Lam, MSW

Teen & Adult Therapist

Rate: $150 for individual and family therapy
Insurance: Can provide superbill for other PPO Plans
Sliding Scale: Available

  • Stress, Burnout, and Anxiety
  • Highly Sensitive Person & Empath
  • Imposter Syndrome and Self-Doubts
  • Navigating Family and Relationship Stress
  • BIPOC, Asian American, Immigrant experience

Welcome. Therapy is a space for you to breathe, unpack, process, and heal.

Nice to meet you, my name is Anna. As a therapist, I strive to provide my clients with a non-judgmental and compassionate space, where they can feel safe to explore and be who they are. There is a therapeutic power in being fully seen and welcomed.

To an observer, your life may look good. However, inside you feel overwhelmed and down all the time. Ever since you can remember you have felt every emotion intensely. Emotions swallow you up on the inside while chaos reigns on the outside.

Everyone seems to think you are holding it together and doing great, but you feel like an imposter. You struggle with self-doubts. These feelings keep you from forming deep connections with your loved ones, furthering your career, and living your life the way you wish.

You feel lost, scared, and unsure of what to do.

You are not alone.

Highly Sensitive Person & Empath

Therapy for Highly Sensitive Persons/Empaths

You are someone who has always been strongly affected by the things that happen around you. Whether good or bad, you find yourself drawn into situations and emotions more strongly than those around you. You may have heard things like  “You are too sensitive” “You feel too much” “You care too much,” or “you take things too personal” but those are harder to do than others may think.

You are a highly sensitive person or an empath and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. In fact, it can be a wonderful thing that you are able to feel so strongly. But when you aren’t able to control your feelings and emotions or your reactions to things it can feel overwhelming and interfere with your daily life.

With this type of therapy we will take a closer look at your emotions, feelings, reactions, and more to better understand how you can continue to be just as empathetic, loving, excited and all of the other emotions that you have, while also preserving your own peace of mind.

I can help you become more confident and empowered.

I work with adults struggling with stress, burnout, anxiety, sensitivity, and relationship issues. I want to help you become more confident of who you are and develop a better relationship with yourself and others. My approach is non-judgmental and compassionate for you to feel safe and feel heard. Your stories matter. Your voice matter. You matter. And I want to hear your stories.

Together, we will not only work to process and sometimes problem solve with problems in the present, but we will search for deeper meanings and causes of your challenges. We will co-create an atmosphere where you feel as though you can open up about past challenges and hardships that shaped you today. By exploring the past, we can often identify the root of the patterns that no longer serve you.

Therapy with me is a strengths-based and person-in-environment perspective (along with other evidence-based modalities). This perspective is based on the notion that an individual and their behavior cannot be understood adequately without considering the various aspects of their environment whether it’s social, political, familial, temporal, spiritual, economic, and physical.

We will consider all aspects of you, your family, your communities, and society, and how they all shaped and affected who you are today. There’s a lot of strength that can be found when we look at all aspects of our lives and how we are all inter-twined.

Person-in-environment approach also provides a more adequate framework for assessing problems and strengths than focusing solely on changing behavior, psyche, or environmental conditions.

As we begin to unravel and understand these different elements, we can collaborate on your healing journey. We will work to identify and capitalize on your strengths. We can develop new behavioral patterns and coping skills that move you in a positive direction. I can help empower you to take control of your life and achieve your goals.

Therapy for BIPOC, Person of Color, and Immigrant Experiences

Immigrating to another country is a powerful, life-changing experience. It changes the fortunes of an individual and a family for generations. Even if you are not an immigrant yourself, being first, second, or even third generation from your family’s immigration narrative can present unique challenges.

You feel as though it is difficult to find your true identity in a bicultural or multicultural family or as a person of color. You are constantly torn between two different cultures, values, and sets of norms. Navigating two languages, social and familial obligations is exhausting.

It is challenging to always know the right thing to do in each respective culture even though you are trying your best. You don’t want to disappoint your parents and family, but you also want to fit in in the United States.

It is challenging to marry the values of these two cultures and develop your sense of self. It is hard to find anyone who truly understands the position you are in.

As an Asian American woman myself, I see you. I hear you. I understand.

I became a social worker as a result of my lived experience. I am a first-generation Vietnamese-Chinese American woman. Growing up I was constantly torn between the culture and expectations of my home life and those of my outside world. I saw the mental health and social justice struggles that other Asian Americans experienced, and I knew I wanted to do something to help. I was drawn to therapy as a meaningful way to connect with and empower people in a similar position as I was.

I believe finding a therapist that has experienced similar struggles is key to success. Together we can dive deep. We can examine the elements of your home life and your new culture. We can discover the values you wish to highlight from each and empower you to create a life that serves you best.

Therapy with Me

I was drawn to therapy by my desire to help and connect with others. I am passionate about social justice and mental health. I want to empower people who are hurting, want to heal, address issues in their lives, and achieve their goals.

As a therapist, I am attentive, patient, and helpful. My biggest strengths are my empathy for my clients, unconditional positive regard, ability to remain nonjudgmental, and support of each client’s right to self-determination. I highly enjoy working with motivated people and who are open to allowing me into their inside world. My ideal client is anyone who wants to seek support, explore challenges, and grow.

My experience includes working as a therapist at a residential facility, private practice, nonprofit, and community mental health. I also volunteer for a group of Asian American and Pacific Islander students and social workers within my professional organization to address issues affecting these communities.

I recognize my client’s individual needs and collaborate with my client throughout the therapy process. I utilize a trauma-informed approach, evidence-based interventions, strengths-based therapy, person-in-environment perspectives, and psychoeducation to guide my clients. I self-identify as a lifelong learner; I offer resources and the latest research in the mental health field to support my clients and their goals.

I can provide a safe space, guidance, and support for you. Therapy is a unique, extremely individualized experience. I can help you explore the personal challenges, barriers, struggles, and strengths in your life. I will also help provide you with tools and skills to process, overcome, and create the life you desire.

It will be a privilege to join your inside world and be a part of your journey to reach your goals. I look forward to seeing you soon.