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Jasmine Jung, LCSW

Therapist & Clinical Supervisor

Fee: $180

  • Anxiety and depression
  • Loss and grief
  • Medical Illness & Caregiver support
  • Therapy in Korean and English

Welcome. I am Jasmine, and I know that you are tired. And I am here to help.

I see you sitting there by yourself, afraid of what the future has in store for you. You feel alone in your anxiety, your depression, your grief, or in your story. But you are not alone.

I see you, and I want to make sure that you see you. That you see the amazing person you truly are and how you can make the most of your life, whether you have another 50 years or you only have a short time remaining on this Earth.

You are likely tired of pushing yourself through the drudgery of one day after another. Tired of trying to be so many things to so many people and neglecting yourself in the process. Perhaps you are tired of feeling the way that you do, and you’re looking for a change. Any change.

But perhaps you have been struggling for so long that you are no longer certain just what it is that you are looking for. Or just what your definition of ‘normal’ actually is. The truth is, it does not even matter because ‘normal’ is a myth.

‘Normal’ is an arbitrary line that no one can meet because it is different for each person. But you can achieve the life that you want most, creating positivity, love, confidence, productivity, and resilience that will flow from you in the ways you have always wanted.

I am here for you. And I am ready to help you through the path of positivity and growth to achieve what you want most.

I help adults and teens to understand and come to terms with their loss, grief, and other strong emotions to create a positive outlook on their life.

My clients are suffering from some level of loss in their lives. It may be the loss of what might have been for themselves if they have been diagnosed with cancer or another chronic illness or are otherwise facing the end of their lives.

It may be the loss of a loved one and the feelings of grief that go along with it. It may be the loss associated with depression, anxiety, or even being a caregiver of a loved one who has received a difficult diagnosis.

It may be loss associated with anxiety, depression, and stress. Or perhaps the loss of a culture and the feelings that go along with it. In fact, there may be any number of ways that you are currently experiencing loss and wondering how to move forward from it.

No matter the loss or experience you are going through, I will work with you to create the sort of development in your life that will help you move forward and prepare for what is to come. Positivity doesn’t mean that things will turn out the way you want every time, but it does mean that you can find the best way forward.

Therapy for Anxiety & Depression

Working through anxiety and depression begins with understanding your feelings and the way that you process the events that happen around you. Unfortunately, both anxiety and depression are becoming entirely too prevalent throughout the world, and that’s why it’s so essential for you to work with a trained professional to learn more about how to approach them.

My clients work on ways of handling stress and working through the situations they find themselves in. Whether those situations are minor stressors or major stressors, we develop a plan and a coping strategy that allows each client to start to feel empowered in their lives.

Further, we look at the root causes of your anxiety and depression, beyond just the symptoms that occur after the fact. In this way, you are able to develop the confidence and positivity it takes to build your life back.

Therapy for End-of-Life, Loss & Grief

Going through loss is extremely difficult whether you are experiencing the loss of yourself or the loss of someone that you care about. The loss of a part of yourself can also be cause for grieving and suffering, but any type of loss is possible to overcome.

My clients work on understanding the ways in which loss is a part of life and even how it can be the start of something new. For those clients who are nearing the end of their own lives, learning to see the remaining time of their life in a new light can help them to create entirely new and beautiful experiences for themselves and their loved ones.

For those facing the loss of a part of themselves after a tragedy or trauma or who are experiencing the grief and loss associated with losing a loved one, we work on positive methods of letting go and coming to terms with what they have left to remember that loved one by as well as moving forward with their own lives.

Therapy for Cancer, Illness & Caregiver Support

Being diagnosed with a chronic illness, even one that is not life-threatening can be traumatic for my clients. Likewise, being diagnosed with cancer or becoming a caregiver for a loved one that was once a fully independent person can be even more debilitating.

The goal is to help you explore the negative thoughts and feelings that you are having in a safe and compassionate environment, where you can feel comfortable being open and honest about the most challenging parts of your or your loved ones’ diagnosis.

From there, my clients work toward coming to terms with their diagnosis in a safe, positive, and empathetic environment that encourages them to look to the future. These diagnoses and even taking on the mantle of ‘caregiver’ are still not a reason to give up on what remains of your life, and we will work toward fully exploring the possibilities that still remain.

Therapy for Asian Immigrants & Acculturation

Being proud of who you are and where you come from is a big part of what makes America so special. For those dealing with the negative side of being an immigrant or feeling ‘different,’ it is essential to work toward a better understanding of those differences.

Differences are what make each of us special and unique, and for Asian immigrants, the process of joining into the culture around you while maintaining your own culture is extremely important. My clients work toward developing a love and appreciation for American culture while maintaining their love and dedication to their native culture as well.

Your culture is part of what makes you who you are, and there is no reason to ever try to hide that. Rather, there is cause to celebrate that culture and to build a new, blended culture that is uniquely your own moving forward.

My Approach: Working Together to Create a Positive Outlook on Life

When we work together, we will focus primarily on cognitive-behavioral and psychodynamic therapy, with the addition of strength-based practice, mindfulness, and narrative therapy, which means we explore the thinking patterns that have become the foundation of your life. We look for the unconscious meanings behind these thought patterns and how they have developed over time in order to reduce negative patterns and create new, positive ways of thinking.

I work to make each of my clients feel heard, understood, and safe from the very first session. From there, we develop an environment that is soothing but challenging, supportive but empowering. Through this process, the client is able to feel more comfortable with the therapy, and we are able to set clear, collaborative goals to gauge their progress going forward.

Life is a beautiful experience that we must seek to enjoy to the fullest, which is why I am here to help you see the positive in any circumstance you find yourself in.

The future can be scary, especially when you find yourself going through the loss of a loved one or the loss of what might have been. It can be challenging to receive a difficult diagnosis or to work your way through anxiety and depression, but you do not have to do it alone.

I am here to help you delve into the thoughts and emotions that have overtaken you up to this point. And more than that, I am here to help you understand how those thoughts and emotions are not serving you well. But they could be if you were able to redirect them in a positive way.

Together, we will work through your mental struggles to create the life that you deserve, no matter how much longer it may be.