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Tag: Asian American Mental Health

Two Asian American students walk away from a buliding while talking. Learn how therapy for teens in Los Angeles, CA can help your teen and their unique mental health concerns. Contact an Asian American therapist in Los Angeles, CA or Asian therapist in New York for support.

Understanding the Unique Mental Health Needs of Asian American Teens

We have seen rising rates in anxiety and depression amongst teenagers in the last several years. Teens face a number of challenges simultaneously – their bodies are changing, they are balancing high school classes and extracurriculars, and they are trying to figure out their identities. It has become increasingly difficult

An Asian woman stands near a wall while looking off into the distance. Learn how an Asian American therapist in Los Angeles can offer support for overcoming racial trauma in Los Angeles, CA, and other services. Search for trauma therapy in los angeles, ca to learn more.

Understanding Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD): Embracing Strength in the Face of Adversity by an Asian American Therapist in Los Angeles, California.

After painful or life-threatening events, we may experience ongoing stress related to that trauma. If this stress continues, it may develop into Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), which has been steadily receiving more and more media attention in the last several years. There is a lesser-known related condition called Complex Post-Traumatic

A carton of eggs with different emotion faces to represent the spectrum of emotions that we can feel as humans. The Asian American Emotion Management Coaching group can teach people how to cope with difficult feelings.

3 Powerful Coping Skills for Difficult Emotions

The Common Struggles of Dealing with Hard Emotions Diverse Asian American therapy clients come to therapy with a wide array of issues, ranging from anxiety and interpersonal issues to eating disorders and low self-esteem. However, there is one commonality we see across almost all clients– difficulty coping with emotions. Those

An asian american woman holds a pillow while wiping tears. Learn how a trauma therapist in Los Angeles, CA can offer therapy for ADHD in Los Angeles, CA and other services. Search for adult ADHD therapy and coaching to learn more.

Exploring Links Between ADHD and Trauma

While it may seem like ADHD and trauma are separate concerns, there is an increasing body of research that indicates there are links between ADHD and trauma. In fact, there is actually a significant amount of overlap between the two experiences. As a result, it can be difficult to distinguish

An Asian American woman holding a sign that states "Stop Asian Hate" to represent the racial trauma Asians and Asian Americans experienced that cause negative impacts on their mental health and how EMDR therapy can help the healing process.

Tackling Racial Trauma in Asian Americans through EMDR

Over the last several years, social justice movements like Black Lives Matter and Stop Asian Hate have brought increasing attention to the different ways that racism can occur. And how it can impact people of color. For example, more and more people are learning about issues like systemic racism. But