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Daisy Jessick, MSW

Adult & Teen Therapist

I help adults and teens who are struggling with anxiety and ADHD to find inner peace and a deeper connection to themselves and to others in their lives.

Pronouns: She/Her

Fee: $150

Sliding Scale: Available

Insurance: Can provide superbill for PPO plans with Out-of-Network benefits


  • Anxiety, Depression, Stress Management
  • Latinx, Immigrant, Person of Color (POC)
  • Teen & Adult ADHD
  • Therapy in Spanish & English

Therapy with Me

My name is Daisy, and I am a daughter of Latinx Immigrants with a passion for helping others. After experiencing anxiety, stress, and depression as a child and teen, going to therapy was life-changing for me. I knew then that I wanted to help others who struggled with similar issues find the same peacefulness that therapy granted me. I strongly desire to help adults and teens who are stressed and depressed to find inner peace and meaning in their lives.

Therapy with me is an open, safe space for every individual that walks through my door. Therapy is a personal, individualized experience; no two sessions or clients are the same. I take a unique approach to your specific challenges, and we will work together to unravel your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. We will seek to understand the roots of the struggles in your life and develop a variety of tools you can use going forward.

Through my years of caregiving experience and therapy background, I provide a compassionate, warm atmosphere and a comfortable space for you. I want to help you through the tough times in your life and help you develop healthy coping skills that you can use in the face of any challenge. I offer therapy in both English and Spanish.

Therapy for Stress and Anxiety Management

You are holding it together on the outside. Inside your world is messy and chaos reigns. You feel anxious, overwhelmed, or down most of the time. You can’t help that your thoughts and feelings trend towards the negative side, even though you want to think positively. You know that if you could just try a little harder to be positive you could be better, but it seems impossible.

You feel as though you have an imposter inside of you that sometimes comes out and takes over. It takes over your ability to breathe normally, think, and connect with others. Your anxiety, and its insidious sister depression, are keeping you from loving your life. They are keeping you from taking risks, making necessary changes, furthering your self-development.

It is okay to feel scared, lost, isolated, and unsure. You are not alone in these feelings. Connecting and building a relationship with a trusted therapist can help you begin to unravel the constant fears and worries. Together, we can start to slow down your world and find the deeper emotions and meanings behind your struggles. Finding the root causes of your anxiety, stress, and negative feelings will help us begin to unwrap these experiences. We will work to develop a set of coping tools so that you can manage your anxiety and begin to find peace.

Therapy for Latinx, Immigrants, and POC Experiences

You have so many hats to wear as an immigrant or a child of an immigrant. There is so much to learn. You have to navigate an entirely new culture with new systems that are alien and confusing. You have to learn a new language or speak a language that you never practice at home to go to school, work, or meet your daily needs. You constantly live in fear for yourself and your family. You might be separated at any moment. One of you may be deported and not seen for years. You often feel thrown in the deep end, struggling to keep your head above water.

I am the eldest child of Mexican immigrants. This has given me unique experiences and a lot of responsibility from a young age. I had to navigate the American education system for myself and my siblings on my own. I had to help my parents pay their bills, write letters, and translate important documents. I lived in fear as a child knowing the very real possibility that people I loved may get deported at any point without notice. I have firsthand experience of the stress and impact living in fear can have on a child.

I have also experienced life as a Latinx woman, a person of color myself. I know the challenges of navigating Latinx family dynamics, such as dealing with familismo, marianismo, and machismo. Navigating your family dynamics and the culture inside your home can be very difficult while balancing the American culture you are trying to assimilate to on the outside.

As someone with these personal experiences, my unique position helps me understand other children, teens, POC, and immigrants. I believe as a POC it is vital to have a therapist who not only understands your culture but belongs to your culture and looks like you. Then, you truly have someone who can not only empathize but understands your life, struggles, and fears because of mutual experiences.

In our therapy sessions, I place importance on cultural competency and intersectionality. I will help you navigate your new culture and develop abilities to communicate, interact, and understand with people in your new home. We will develop an awareness of your world view from your country or family culture of origin. We will seek to understand the differences in culture and world views in your new home. We will work on navigating different social and cultural systems and coping with the challenges facing a POC in a foreign country.

Therapy for Teen & Adult ADHD

You try really hard: To succeed, To be loved, To please people around you. You want to live your passion. And you know the person you can be. You often have a lot of great ideas but getting them started or completing them is a bit difficult. And you often find yourself feeling scattered and overwhelmed. Struggling to know which tasks to prioritize, and not to lose track of time or belongings, important, often lose track of time or belongings. You find yourself taking big risks for not a lot of reward or bleeding your heart out about something you feel so passionate about to people who do not seem to care… and you regret later for thinking (or talking) out loud.

If these messages resonate with you… You may have ADHD. Many people associate ADHD with children. But it’s not only children who struggle with ADHD symptoms. Teen and Adult ADHD exist and struggles are real. Symptoms often look different because you had to live your life coping with your ADHD struggles because they were overlooked and you had to somehow still fit in. You learned to cope and “mask” your way through to seem “normal” “fit in” into the not-so-ADHD-friendly society. But you know you always struggled so much internally and sometimes externally.

ADHD looks different ways for different people. In fact, in women and non-binary teens and adults, it may look different because traditional gender expectations could influence behavior. But that doesn’t mean that you’re not struggling just as much as those who have more typical reactions and effects.

For anyone, ADHD can cause problems with work, school, relationships, and depression, and anxiety. You may feel shame or intense pressure as you attempt to live a life by society’s rules that just don’t work for you. And you may feel as though you are the problem or that you are flawed in some way because you are struggling.

If you chose to work with me, we will work on understanding the extent of your symptoms and the way they are affecting your life. From there, we’ll work together to create an action plan to help you overcome those negative effects using a combination of medications as needed and therapy. With this process, you’ll be able to start building the life you’ve missed out on all this time.

Therapy for Children, Teens, and Young Adults

Your child is struggling. Maybe they struggle with anxiety and depression from a young age. Maybe they have experienced significant trauma in life. You might not know the cause, but you know that they need help. Seeing your child struggle and feeling helpless in response is one of the most painful experiences as a parent.

I can help. As a teenager, I also struggled with anxiety and depression. My world was in chaos, and eventually, I sought out a therapist. I found my experiences in therapy life-changing, helping me develop life-long skills to manage my anxiety and depression and work towards inner peace. Through my experiences, I knew I wanted to help other kids struggling with anxiety and depression. Through my unique background, I believe I can relate to and understand your child’s struggles. Together we can build a successful framework for anxiety and stress management and build lifelong coping skills.

Therapy for Families

As an extension of my work with children, teens, and Latinx communities, I also offer family therapy. Navigating your current family dynamic can be challenging, as every family falls into behavioral patterns. Some are positive, some are negative, and some we are not even aware of. It is not easy to realize the impact our daily actions have on the other household members.

As a part of a Latinx household, I can help families understand their dynamics and work towards harmony and peace. I understand the struggles you might be having marrying the culture of your home to the American culture of the outside world, usually the world your children live in. Family therapy can help your family understand one another on a deeper level. Therapy will help you achieve a healthier, stronger bond between individuals and as a unit.

I also specialize in military family therapy. I completed my second-year internship placement at the VA, focusing on mindfulness, health coaching, anxiety, and groups for women veterans. My husband spent nearly a decade serving active duty in the Air Force and is now in the reserves. I understand the specific challenges a family can face when a member is serving or deployed. The reality that your loved one may return injured, be altered because of their experiences, or not return at all. The upheaval your family faces when you have a permanent change of station. All of these issues are real and can affect each member of your family differently. It is vital to find a trusted, experienced therapist. A therapist can help you understand each other and navigate the challenges you face while working towards a healthier dynamic.