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Korean Therapist, Korean American Therapist, Asian Therapist and Asian American therapist in Los Angeles

Jasmin Kang, MS

Child, Teen & Adult Therapist

I provide children, teens, and adults an affirming and nonjudgmental space where they can process their unfiltered emotions, and uncover their unique strengths by inviting them to engage in reflective conversations about the formative experiences that have led them to this present chapter of their lives.

Pronouns: She/Her

Location: Online

Language: English & Conversational Korean

Fee: $160

Sliding Scale: Available

Insurance: Cigna in-network & can provide superbill for PPO plans

Accepting New Clients: Yes


  • Adult
  • Children
  • Family
  • Teen


  • Adult ADHD
  • Anxiety & Stress Management
  • Burnout & Perfectionism
  • Creatives & Highly Sensitive Person
  • Faith and Spirituality

Hey, I’m Jasmin. 

You are welcome here. Whoever you are, wherever you are in your journey, you are seen, heard, and valued here. When was the last time YOU took a moment to appreciate yourself? When was the last time you took a moment for yourself at all?

Let’s do that here. 

I’d be honored to provide that space for you. To hear you out. To listen to your story. What you’ve been through. What you’ve been carrying on your shoulders this whole time. And also, your hopes and dreams. What you’re looking forward to in your near future. We can take it one step at a time.

Burnout & Work/School Life Balance

There’s a quote from a crazy TV show that says, “Nothing is a line. Everything everywhere is always moving forever. Get used to it.” I mean, wow. Life can really feel like that sometimes. Yeah, I understand, I’ve been there. Feeling buried under chaos and mountains of responsibilities, trying to come up for air only to be drowned in.. even more responsibilities, once again. Overwhelm. Burnout. Anxiousness. Stress. Dissatisfaction. Loss of motivation. Just.. general unhappiness. You might not feel fulfilled in your work or relationships. You might feel depleted, devoid of any energy or time to give back to the parts of your life that used to be life giving. Maybe you’re at that point where you’re just going through the motions, and honestly, too tired to even care.

It’s easy to get stuck in these patterns, and to just accept it as all part of “adulting”. You feel pressured to prioritize the “practical” things in life in order to get by.. but what about your heart? What about your health? What about you? Don’t you deserve a little something too? Even a little bit of time to care for yourself? Because the truth is, you do. You completely deserve it. You deserve all the credit for surviving in this hustle idolizing culture that never seems to allow you a moment to pause and breathe. Or even get a good night’s sleep for once. Making you feel like you just need to get used to it.

But you shouldn’t. In one way or another, this can take a toll on your health. Mental, emotional, physical, relational, vocational, and/or spiritual. These are core aspects of your life that shouldn’t be compromised. Such compromise can lead to resentment.. but it doesn’t have to be like this. And therapy can help with that. I can help with that. I can guide you in learning how to lend compassion to yourself, while also finding a healthy balance in your lifestyle so you can experience fulfillment in life again.

We can work through this together.

Depression, Anxiety, & Trauma

Symptoms of depression, anxiety, and trauma can show up in one’s mental and physical health in many different ways. It’s not a one size fits all. You might feel hurt, misunderstood, or isolated from the world. You might be exhausted. You might feel unvalued, unseen, or disconnected even from your own self.

Or it can look like getting triggered easily. You might have trouble sleeping, ruminating about anything and everything. You might be having panic attacks. Be fearful of being judged. Or isolate yourself from the world to minimize any contact, so you don’t have to deal with human interaction. Or maybe, you just don’t like people. That’s okay. Maybe people have disappointed you, and you prefer to be alone. There definitely is peace and comfort in being alone at times, I can agree with that. But sometimes, being alone for a while starts to get lonely. You wonder if there’s anyone you can trust or rely on.

Trauma can make it hard for you to trust people though. You’ve been let down. You’ve learned to take care of yourself, because you’re the only one who knows how to. Or are you? I know the thought of taking a chance on someone and allowing yourself to be vulnerable can be scary, especially if you’ve been let down one too many times in the past. I get it. You don’t want to go through that again. You’d rather keep to yourself, which is so, so valid. I mean of course, this has been your way of protecting yourself from encountering anything again that reminds you of your past trauma. It makes complete sense.

But it’s taken a toll on your relationships. Deep inside, you do yearn for connection. You do want to feel desired and accepted for who you are, but you’re not sure where to start. Relationships are intimidating, and you’re afraid of getting hurt, or even of hurting others by accident.

Through therapy, I can support you as we slowly process everything you’ve been through, and what makes you, You. I can sit with you in silence if you need to collect your thoughts in your head alone. It’s all part of the process, and there’s no one particular way to do it. We can do it your way, and I’ll support you with the methods I’ve been trained in to help you rewrite the future of your story to the best of my abilities.

Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) & Empath Struggles

“Why is insensitivity something to strive for? I happen to know that my sensitivity is my strength. It’s my sensitivity that’s helped me navigate through a very difficult path in life-” – Hannah Gadsby, Nanette

Sensitivity is not something to be ashamed of. Actually, I see it as a gift. A beautiful one, too. As an empath myself, I understand what it’s like to feel very deeply. You might find yourself absorbing other people’s energies and emotions as if they are your own. Because of this, you end up feeling overwhelmed and emotionally exhausted, until it becomes too much.

You want to find a healthy balance between being supportive and having empathy for others, especially your closest loved ones, while still maintaining enough boundaries so that others’ emotions and problems don’t weigh you down. You still have your own life to live. Your own issues to deal with. It’s a beautiful thing to be able to strongly empathize with others, and you should know that it takes a tremendously loving heart to be able to do so. But it can become destructive to your own mental health if you continue to take on the burdens of others to the point where it begins to feel like a one-sided relationship. It is not selfish to make your personal well-being a priority. I’ll say that again- it is not selfish to make your mental health a priority. And I admit, this is something I’ve learned to manage and balance over time throughout my journey of becoming a therapist. I’d love to help you find that balance as well- so that you can embrace this incredible trait of yours as a strength, while still being able to take good care of your own mental health.

Therapy With Me

I’m just as human as you are. The feelings that you might bring into therapy will likely not be unfamiliar to me. Our stories may not always look the same, but your emotions will serve as a place of connection. You’re not alone. We can be a resource to you. I can be a resource to you.

Therapy with me will likely feel pretty conversational. I’ll ask questions to get to know you and understand you on a deeper level. I typically use a client-centered approach, which means exactly what it sounds like. You freely share with me what you’re struggling with and seeking through therapy, and I will be your resource as I embody genuine curiosity and empathy toward your story.

Since every client is unique, I will tailor my therapeutic approach to your needs. I can also utilize an integrative approach- a combination of strengths-based, cognitive behavioral, solution-focused, or a narrative approach where you can process your experience through a story-focused lens. Or we can just talk. And I can just listen. Whatever you need, honestly. Whatever it is, my focus will be on guiding you through deep self-reflection and empowering you to draw upon your greatest strengths to take control and become the “narrator” of your own life story. The power is in your hands now.

We can take it one session at a time. I will support you in taking charge of your life so that you can experience more fulfillment in work and/or relationships, and a deeper connection with your own soul as well as with the people you want to be in community with.

If there’s anything you resonated with, feel free to give me a call. I hope to hear from you and walk with you on your journey toward your next chapter of reclaiming your power and healing from the inside out.

Registered California Board of Behavioral Sciences: AMFT 132062

Supervised by Jennifer Kung, LCSW 76149

Registered under the name of Jungmin Kang