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Jeff Yeom, MA

Teen & Adult Therapist

Pronouns: He/Him

Location: ,

Language: English & Korean

Fee: $150

Sliding Scale: Yes

Insurance: Cigna and can provide superbill for all other PPO plans

Accepting New Clients: Yes


  • Anxiety & Coping skills
  • Perfectionism
  • Asian American Experience
  • Religious Trauma
  • Burnout & Work life balance

Taking the step to find a therapist can be overwhelming (and even scary).

You find yourself not being able to decide if exploring the things that have been weighing you down are worth diving into.

Don’t worry… you are not alone. Therapy does not have to be all serious.

Hi! My name is Jeff Yeom, and my sessions are often described as a balance of positivity, laughs, and encouragement.

It is important for me to build a connection with you in order to really dive into the heavy things. My hope is that you are able to let your guard down and just be you in these sessions. Being able to provide a space where you can just express your feelings and be met with empathy is something we all deserve. Life is full of challenges and therapy can provide the healing into your life that you have been looking for. 

Seeking Therapy for Anxiety

You want to be able to enjoy your life, and that means being able to participate in fun experiences and engage with your friends and loved ones. When anxiety gets in the way, however, you find yourself skipping those experiences and spending far more time by yourself.

With therapy for anxiety, we will explore your feelings and the way that your process the events that are happening around you. By working together, we can understand the roots of your anxiety, and start working on new ways to provide you with the life that you want.

My clients work on recognizing stress and the feelings associated with anxiety when they start so that they can take action quickly before the pressure gets overwhelming. That way, whether the stressor is something small or something much bigger, they’re able to react in an appropriate manner that doesn’t keep them from doing the things they want most.

Therapy for Multicultural/Asian American Issues

Your family have reached the United States in search of a better life. You have finally made it, and you couldn’t be happier. You faced many challenges at home with your family’s immigration trauma, and you are still struggling to find the balance of your family’s values and your own.

Your home life is a collective household and runs on the values of your cultural roots. This is the culture your family has maintained for generations, but a part of you finds freedom with creating individualistic boundaries. You are constantly confronted with contradicting values and ways of thinking, and adapted to abandoning a part of your home values to find a sense of belonging.

I understand. I have been where you are. I grew up in a Korean household. I struggled being raised by a widowed, Korean immigrant mother. I was torn between the different values and messages I was receiving in my bicultural identity. Therapy helped me find the comfortable balance of my multicultural values and to find culturally appropriate boundary with myself and my family.

Not only do I have personal experience as an Asian American immigrant, but I have extensive experience working professionally with Asian American children, teens, and young adults. Together we will explore the intricacies of your home and process the culture to which you are still defining. We will work to harmonize your contradicting cultural values, making your internal transition into your life more comfortable.

Therapy for Burnout and Life & Work Balance

Burnout can happen to anyone and it can happen at any time. Whether you felt like you were working in your dream job or you always knew you wanted more, you can easily find yourself feeling overwhelmed and tired of the experiences you’re facing in your job.

Those who are struggling to find a balance that works for them and their family between the time they spend at work and the time they spend at home may have a similar problem. You may like your job but feel guilty for the amount of time you’re not spending with your family. Or you may hate your job but feel like you’re constantly tied to it with no way out. Or you might fall somewhere in the middle.

My clients and I work to figure out what is causing your burnout or why you’re feeling like your work life and home life aren’t meshing well. Then, we come up with a plan for what would make you feel happier or more comfortable. We decide what a healthy work life and a healthy home life look like to you and determine a path forward where you can achieve both of those simultaneously.

My Approach: You are the expert of your life

I have no jurisdiction to claim that I have all the answers and know what makes up your personhood. My goal is to be here with you and help you decide what you want and how to get there. I am interested in the various aspects of what makes you unique, which includes your racial identity, ethnic and cultural identity, gender, sexual, immigration status, and faith background.  

I will provide you with a safe, fulfilling and enjoyable environment where we will learn the skills you need to make your way forward, without letting your thoughts hold you back. I can help to align your values/beliefs/wants so you can live a deeper and meaningful life.