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Jennifer Kung, LCSW

Therapist & Clinical Supervisor

Jennifer is not accepting new clients Empowering you to achieve your goals and become your best self is my passion. I provide a very caring, safe, and nonjudgemental environment for you to live the life that you want.

Pronouns: She/Her

Location: Online

Language: English, Mandarin & Cantonese

Fee: $185

Sliding Scale: Not at this time

Insurance: Can provide superbill for PPO plans

Accepting New Clients: No


  • Adult
  • Couples
  • Teen


  • Adult ADHD
  • Anxiety & Stress Management
  • Couples Therapist
  • EMDR Therapy
  • Trauma & PTSD

Welcome. My name is Jennifer. This is a safe space for you.

You feel overloaded. Despite what you do, your problems are growing around you and closing you in. You have difficulty coping with the struggles you face in your life. It is hard to communicate and maintain relationships with family, friends, and partners, relationships that previously came easily. You have low energy, or maybe you lack motivation. You are struggling to maintain stable moods and get frustrated with yourself. You feel your self-esteem falling.

Many people struggle to cope with different situations at various points in their life. Something that might have come easily to you at one point could be more difficult now. The first step is knowing that you are suffering and that you need help. The second and potentially more challenging step is reaching out to ask for the guidance and assistance you need.

You can turn to me. I can provide a safe space where you can be open and honest about the struggles you are facing. I help adults who are stressed or overwhelmed by life to feel more grounded and confident in themselves.

I can help you identify and navigate your stressors and learn strategies to deal with your problems. No matter how you arrived here or what you are struggling with, we can work through it together.

Therapy for Anxiety and Depression

You feel nervous. Restless. Tense a lot of the time. You feel as though you constantly have a low mood. None of the things that at other times made you happy or excited seems to work anymore. It is challenging to find the motivation or connect with the family and friends that were once close.

It is tough to cope with problems at changing stages of life. Sometimes you need support and guidance on how to deal with new challenges that arise. There is no shame in this. You will not be the first to reach out for help, nor the last. However, you must receive support in a safe, compassion-oriented environment.

Many of my clients experience anxiety, depression, and trauma. Anxiety can be debilitating. Their problems seem impossible to manage alone, and they want to improve their mood or feel less anxiety or stress. They want to receive the love and support they once felt from their intimate relationships and improve their quality of life.

I help by being an empathetic listener. I am someone who truly cares and understands your struggles. In therapy, I encourage you to open up about your thoughts and feelings and guide you on the journey to deeper understanding. It is crucial to gain insight into why you feel a certain way and how that contributes to your current situation. Therapy with a trusted therapist facilitates an environment where you can reflect on your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Together we will build tangible skills and strategies to help improve your mood, manage your anxiety, and deal with the stressors in your life.

Therapy for Asian American Experience

You feel caught between cultures. To your friends, workplace, or American culture, maybe you are not American enough. To your family and culture at home, you are not Asian enough. Or maybe you feel you are not living up to the “model minority” role you feel pressured to fill. You constantly feel not good enough for anything and are unsure of who you are. These thoughts have started to corrupt your self-image and self-esteem.

It is difficult for you to communicate your needs and feelings to anyone, especially your family. If you are struggling, you feel as though you cannot tell the people closest to you about your problems. It will be seen as a flaw or defect and a taboo topic amongst your family.

Growing up in an Asian American household is a delicate situation full of unspoken rules, expectations, and pressures. It can be overwhelming and also isolating. You feel isolated from your family because you feel as though you cannot communicate with them. You feel isolated from your friends because they don’t understand your unique family dynamics and culture.

You are not alone. As an Asian American myself, I see you. I understand. I have experienced the subtleties and everyday struggles of our shared background. I have dealt with communication issues and struggles with my parents, siblings, and extended family. I have felt the growing pains and identity crises of trying to marry the culture of my home and family with that of the outside world in which I operate and live.

There is no shame in needing help. You do not need to feel guilt in being unable to process these challenging issues on your own. Coping with two clashing cultures and values is a tough dynamic to navigate. You do not have to do this by yourself. In therapy with me, you will be understood and heard. I enjoy working with Asian Americans because I want to help others process and navigate the unique challenges I have faced as well.

My Approach: Empowering you to Grow in Confidence

I became a therapist because I enjoy supporting others as they overcome problems in their lives. I find true happiness when I can listen and help people grow. I love to create a space where others can gain insight into themselves, their habits, personality, and relationships. I find joy in being a facilitator on the journey of personal growth and helping others work through conflict in their lives.

Everyone enters therapy for different reasons with many preconceived notions. I want my clients to have a positive experience and to feel that therapy is a safe place tailored to their needs. I create a comfortable, nonjudgmental environment where my clients gain confidence sharing their experiences. Together, we work to reflect on your struggles and journey to find the root of your problems.

My clients would describe me as a caring, supportive, and effective reflector and guide. I love to watch my clients engage in sessions and gain insight into their thought processes. I enjoy facilitating the process of making connections between past experiences and current situations and identifying patterns in people’s lives. I love to work with individuals who are motivated to change and willing to do the work to improve themselves, no matter at what point they start. Therapy is a process, and it does not happen overnight.

My first goal is to help you feel understood and supported despite your struggles. Together, we will identify where you need support and your goals for therapy, and your future. I will lead you in the process of self-reflection on your emotions and inner thoughts. We will explore your feelings, behaviors, conflicts, and relationships in your past and present. Understanding what contributes to your struggles is key to learning how to improve your situation. I will teach you coping skills and strategies to solve your problems and deal with those that arise in the future. Ultimately, my goal is to empower you to live the life that you desire.

Therapy is a very individualized, unique experience. Every client and therapy session is different. My therapy orientation is psychodynamic; I use various techniques depending on the client and their issues. I take a holistic approach to sessions, seeking to understand my client’s psychological, physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the self. I include cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, and trauma-informed care in my work.

I have over seven years of experience providing therapy in many different areas, including hospitals, schools, businesses, and private clients. I have worked with a wide variety of individuals including Asian Americans, those struggling with anxiety and depression, trauma and PTSD, BIPOC and LGBT+, and more. I bring the wisdom of experience and a passion for helping others to each of my sessions. I provide therapy in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese.

Registered California Board of Behavioral Sciences Number: LCSW 76149