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An image of Selene Burley, a therapist in Los Angeles, CA at Yellow Chair. Your child can get help during adolescence in therapy for teens in Los Angeles, CA. 91006 | 90071

Selene Burley, MA

Teen, Adult & Couples Therapist

Fee: $150

Sliding Scale: Yes

Insurance: Can provide superbill for all other PPO plans


  • Anxiety & Coping skills
  • Pregnancy & Postpartum Support
  • Therapy for New Moms & Parents
  • Trauma & EMDR Therapy
  • Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) & Empath

Taking the step to find a therapist can be overwhelming (and even scary).

You find yourself not being able to decide if exploring the things that have been weighting you down are worth diving into.

Don’t worry… you are not alone. Therapy does not have to be all serious.
Hi! My name is Selene Burley, and my sessions are often described as a balance of positivity, laughs, and encouragement.

It is important for me to build a connection with you in order to really dive into the heavy things. My hope is that you are able to let your guard down and just be you in these sessions. Being able to provide a space where you can just express your feelings and be met with empathy is something we all deserve. Life is full of challenges and therapy can provide the healing into your life that you have been looking for.

Seeking Therapy for Anxiety

You want to be able to enjoy your life, and that means being able to participate in fun experiences and engage with your friends and loved ones. When anxiety gets in the way, however, you find yourself skipping those experiences and spending far more time by yourself.

With therapy for anxiety, we will explore your feelings and the way that your process the events that are happening around you. By working together, we can understand the roots of your anxiety, and start working on new ways to provide you with the life that you want.

My clients work on recognizing stress and the feelings associated with anxiety when they start so that they can take action quickly before the pressure gets overwhelming. That way, whether the stressor is something small or something much bigger, they’re able to react in an appropriate manner that doesn’t keep them from doing the things they want most.

Seeking Therapy for Pregnancy & Postpartum Support

Being pregnant is a wondrous experience, but that doesn’t mean that every moment of it is beautiful and joyous. In fact, many women find themselves with mixed emotions about being pregnant and especially about the postpartum period once their baby is born.

Feeling nervous, anxious, sad, or even frustrated, angry, or depressed are all common and are emotions that you can and should work through with a professional. By working together, we can unravel the different emotions that you are experiencing and why so that you can better understand yourself, your pregnancy, and your new role as a parent.

These emotions, when experienced in the short-term and at moderate to low intensity, are entirely normal, and it’s natural for you to move between them during the pregnancy and postpartum period. We can work through helping you understand where these feelings come from and what they do (and don’t) mean for you as a parent.

Also, if you find yourself experiencing these emotions long-term or with high intensity, we can work together to uncover why you are experiencing these things and to work toward healthy and safe coping skills to deal with the negative emotions that are interfering with your enjoyment of this period.

Seeking Therapy for New Moms

Do you find yourself scrolling through social media and see the moms that just seem so put together and able to juggle life? They post the perfect pictures of their kids smiling while having a picture-perfect house with no laundry in sight.

You feel like you are failing at being a mom because you seem to not be able to shake off the exhaustion from the day before despite getting rest.

Being a new mom can be overwhelming and can feel lonely. You have not quite figured out your new role, all you know is you were so excited about the new baby and now you are wondering if you can even handle it.

We live in a society where it is very easy to go online and find a hundred reasons you are not parenting the “right way.” It can be hard not to compare yourself to what other families look like online. Feelings can range from joy and excitement to exhaustion, stress, and moodiness.

Seeking Trauma & EDMR Therapy

Experiencing trauma is a very personal experience. What one person may see as minor may be highly debilitating for another person, and it’s essential for you to learn what it takes to work through your trauma in positive and healthy ways that allow you to move forward with your life.

Through trauma therapy, we will work on understanding the source of your trauma and developing positive thought patterns and processes to deal with that trauma when it comes up in your life. We do this through the process of EDMR, which focuses on the trauma itself and allows you to create a positive belief to counter the negative thoughts that the trauma has created.

While EMDR is a specialized therapy that requires a skilled and trained professional, it can allow you to change the way you think about yourself as a result of your trauma. This includes dealing directly with the trauma in a safe and welcoming environment, and I will help you to move through the experience in a way that helps you feel comfortable and ready for the rest of your life.

Seeking Therapy for Highly Sensitive Persons (HSP) & Empaths

Many people are told that they are too sensitive throughout their lives, but I don’t believe there is any such thing. Being a highly sensitive person or an empath is actually a beautiful thing because it means that you have the capacity to feel things in a powerful and wonderful way.

You have the ability to feel negative emotions very strongly, but you also have the ability to feel positive emotions very strongly, and that can be an amazing opportunity. It means that you can be the person that everyone wants to call when they have great news because they know that you will be excited for them.

With this type of therapy, we will work on understanding some of your negative emotions and learn healthy and positive ways to process those emotions so you can still experience them but do so with less intensity. This will allow you to feel more comfortable in general and also to prepare yourself for future negative experiences. You will have the power to work through these negatives in a way that allows you to keep moving forward without letting that experience derail you entirely.

Seeking Therapy for New Parents (as an individual or couple)

New parents have a great deal to learn as they navigate their new roles, and that can be a daunting experience. The anxiety, nervousness, frustration, and other negative emotions, however, can interfere with the enjoyment that you should be experiencing with your new baby.

By working together, we can explore the root of your negative emotions so that you can gain the confidence and skills necessary to become the parents that you want to be for your child. We can work together to create a plan for what to do when you feel these negative emotions creeping up on you and how to make sure that you are providing the environment that you want for your child.

You deserve to enjoy this period in your life and this entirely new role. Together, we can help you understand the positive aspects of it and what it will take to start working through the negative in a healthy way. It is normal to feel these negative emotions, but with the right assistance and support, you can develop a way of working through them that allows you to experience them less and to experience positive emotions more.

If you are ready to make the step toward change, contact me to make an appointment. I will get you started right away.

Therapy with me is a non-judgemental space with compassionate care.

You can come as you are… as we start the journey of healing.

If you are ready to take a step forward to the life you want — reach out today to schedule your first appointment.