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Image of Linda Yoon, therapist at YCC. She is an EMDR therapist in Los Angeles, CA who helps people in anxiety treatment in Los Angeles, CA. 91108 | 90232

Linda Yoon, LCSW

Linda is currently not accepting new clients.

Rate: $200 for individual and $250 for relationship therapy

Insurance: Can provide a superbill for PPO plans

Specialties: Anxiety, Trauma (childhood, sexual, violence, etc.), Highly Sensitive Person & Empath, ADHD, Self-Compassion, EMDR, IFS Therapy

Why Therapy?

Therapy is about YOU. Your needs, your motivation and desire to change. I’m here to guide and provide a safe space where you can slow down, gain insights to look inward to create the changes and growth you are looking for.

Many people begin therapy for many reasons — often because they are experiencing stress and anxiety from different places in our lives. Relationships get difficult, personal issues become too stuck, or new significant life transitions/events happen that are too difficult to manage… 

And there are some who actually don’t wait until the crisis hits home. They do preventative work– coming in wanting to create and live more fulfilling lives that are in line with their values and goals while they are not in crisis. 

Regardless of reasons or problems they bring in… people seek therapy because of pain. Pain ranging from mild twinges of discomfort to more chronic, intense despair. People come to therapy hoping for a solution. A relief. And that is exactly what therapy can offer.

Starting the process is the hardest and most difficult part in healing. I am here to help — to add momentum, direction, and accountability to your journey. If making changes was easy to do on your own, you would have done it already!

I’ll journey aside you in taking the steps to reclaim your life and start restoring your relationship with yourself and others.

Let me add my energy and expertise to your desire for change. 

Find the voice that feels more true. More genuine… more right. more authentic to you.

You can take a step toward the change you crave — discovering and moving beyond what have been holding you back. It can help you to reclaim your life and thrive.

How can therapy help?

For individuals, it can mean…

  • Learning to engage in healthy coping and stress management skills
  • Healing from past hurt and living a more present and engaged life
  • Moving closer toward living a deeper life that are align with your values
  • Discover yourself in a deeper level, and build a better relationship with yourself
  • Becoming comfortable in your skin… just being you and knowing you are enough!

For couples, it can mean…

  • Learning how to communicate and resolve conflicts more effectively
  • Moving through past hurt or injury that occurred in the relationship
  • Untangling unhealthy patterns that gets in the way 
  • Fostering more meaningful connections and affections
  • Growing together towards more secure, mature adult relationship 

Hi, I’m Linda!
Pronounces: She/her
Korean American

Highly Sensitive Person/Empath

Psychotherapist/ Clinical Social Worker

There is such a profound power in the therapy process of finding and owning your story.

I am always amazed to witness how resilient my clients are. And how they already had what it took, they just needed some guidance, support, and tools along the way. And it’s truly a privilege for me to share that journey.

My passion is to help people get connected to themselves and to others by being their best, truest version of themselves.

You can love being yourself! (Even though it’s for the very first time.)

Education & Training

I have worked with individuals, couples, and families who are going through all sorts of seasons — from difficult life transitions to experiencing traumas.

I received my Masters in Social Work from University of Southern California, and gained my clinical experience working in domestic violence centers, community mental health (IOP and Outpatient settings), and medical settings. I have worked with immigrants, refugees, DV/trauma survivors, POC, LGBTQIA+ community, etc.

I am a RYT 200 yoga teacher, certified EMDR therapist, Prepare & Enrich facilitator, and Gottman Couples Therapy I & II trained therapist.

I also draw from training in psychodynamic, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), Internal family system (IFS), Brainspotting, and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy approaches.

I love and am committed to stay up to date with new research in mental health and psychotherapy. You can expect that I will provide the best possible therapeutic care.

If you are ready to take a step toward change, make an appointment today.

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