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Asian baby next to a teddy bear. This can be representative of the asian american postpartum mom art support group.

Postpartum Mom Art Support Group

A support group for Asian American postpartum mothers 21+ to connect with one another through discussions and artmaking on the wins and challenges of motherhood in a safe and non-judgmental space.

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APISA Disordered Eating Support Group

A compassionate space for Asian Pacific Islander South Asian adults (18+) to share their experiences with disordered eating and body image, to receive support, and to find a sense of empowerment through a communal support group.

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Sitting with the South Asian Female Experience: SAFE

This group is intended specifically for South Asian Female Experience/Identifying adults (21+), i.e., those with descent from Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. This space is intended for members to share their South Asian experiences, receive support, and find a sense of

Two people holding hands on a bed representing strength in attuning to their sensitivity.

Sensitive Feelers and Empath Group

This support group was formerly called “The Highly Sensitive Person” Group. It has been one of our most popular and successful groups, offering group members a space to share their experiences and learn to navigate their sensitivity, including how their sensitivity intersects with our identities.

White and yellow flowers

APISA Sensitive Feelers and Empath (Part 2) – Relationships

Part 2 of Sensitive Feelers and Empath Group: A Space for Asian & South Asian American Adults to share their relational Sensitive Feelers and Empath experiences, receive support, and learn skills. This support group was formerly called “APIDA Highly Sensitive Person Group – Relationships (Part