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Online Therapy in California

Are you putting off therapy?

Have you been meaning to start therapy, but every time you start looking for a therapist, it’s just too overwhelming? Does the thought of talking to a stranger about your life seem odd? If you identify with these concerns, keep reading to learn about how online therapy in California can benefit you.

Between the 10-hour workdays and rushing home to take care of your kids, counseling is last on your to-do list. You don’t feel like yourself anymore, and you know it would help to talk to a therapist. Or perhaps you’ve gone to therapy before, and you know how helpful it can be. But the thought of sitting in LA’s I-405 traffic to make it to a counseling session sounds exhausting. On the other hand, maybe you live in San Diego or Santa Clara, but you haven’t found a therapist that seems like a good fit. Likewise, perhaps you live in Daly City or Fremont and there just aren’t very many counseling options in your area.

Online Therapy Can Fit Your Needs

Regardless of where you’re located, the therapists at our Los Angeles-based counseling center want you to know that your mental health deserves to be prioritized. You can ditch the long waits in traffic and the stress that comes with finding a quality therapist in your area. Online therapy in California is a great option for busy people like you who want to prioritize their wellbeing instead of putting everyone else’s needs before their own.

Image of heavy traffic in Los Angeles, CA. You can forget about rush hour traffic when using online therapy in California for online anxiety treatment. Working with an online therapist in Los Angeles, CA can save you time. | 90404 | 90503
Image of a laptop, notebook, and pillow sitting in the sun on a lounge bed. This image is representative of the environment you can do online therapy in California from. Working with an online therapist in Los Angeles, CA allows you receive online anxiety treatment from your home. | 91006 | 90071

Of course, you want to work with a therapist who understands your life and the struggles you’re facing. Meeting with a therapist using online therapy can connect you with a counselor who gets it.

Our experienced therapists have worked with many people to overcome anxiety, depression, traumatic experiences, and more. We hope that you find that online therapy in California can meet your needs for convenient and quality counseling services.

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Benefits of Online Therapy in California


Using online therapy in California is simple. These days, technology surrounds us at every moment. All you need to participate in online therapy is a tablet, phone, or laptop. Any sort of device will work as long as you have a stable internet connection. Online therapy sessions are as simple as using Zoom, which most of us are familiar with these days. You just click the link your therapist sends you, and there you have it! You’re connected with a compassionate therapist who wants to help you feel supported.

Convenience and Flexibility

Counseling sessions are convenient and flexible with online therapy. As long as you have your device and internet connection, you’re good to go. This means that you can meet with your therapist from the car while sitting in traffic, between board meetings, or while you’re waiting to catch a flight from LAX. Furthermore, working with a therapist using online therapy means that there are more appointment options. So, if you can only squeeze in counseling during nights or weekends, an online therapist can work with your schedule more than an in-person one may be able to.

Image of a woman working on her laptop. This image demonstrates how easy it can be for you to meet with an online therapist in Los Angeles, CA. With online therapy in California, you can do online anxiety treatment or online postpartum therapy in California. | 91108 | 90232
Image from an aerial view of a woman sitting in bed with her laptop and coffee. This image illustrates the convenience of using online therapy in California to meet with an online therapist in Los Angeles, CA. Couples can use online couples therapy in California to work with both of their schedules. | 90504 | 90505


We understand that you might be hesitant to consider online therapy. That makes sense, given that you may never meet your therapist in person. And sometimes, internet connection can be iffy. But you can rest assured knowing that online therapy in California allows for high levels of privacy.

Furthermore, meeting with an online therapist means you don’t have to drive to counseling appointments and walk into an office, running the risk of seeing someone you know. Plus, our Los Angeles-located counseling office uses a secure platform to conduct counseling sessions. You can ask your therapist more questions about this if you would like further reassurance. Furthermore, our counseling practice is private pay only, so your insurance won’t be billed. This means that if you’re nervous about a family member knowing you’re seeking support, you can rest easy.

Online Therapy is Effective

Research has shown that online therapy is just as effective as in-person counseling sessions. In fact, many people actually prefer online therapy for many reasons. For some, it’s comforting to meet with a therapist from the comfort of their home. This means you can curl up with a pet and a cup of coffee in your PJs while talking to a therapist. Or you can shut your office door at work and disconnect from your environment while meeting with a counselor. In summary, for many of our clients, online therapy feels safer for these reasons.

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Online Anxiety Treatment

The therapists at our Los Angeles, CA counseling center understand that anxiety can cause you to desire comfort and routine. So, if you’re seeking anxiety treatment, working with an online therapist can actually be a great fit! We know that sometimes when you’re experiencing anxiety, the smallest things can cause the greatest worry. So, with online counseling, you don’t have to leave your space or worry about driving and parking issues.

If you struggle with social anxiety, working with an online therapist can lessen the intensity of your symptoms. In online therapy, your therapist only sees your face, not your outfit, your body, or your body language. So, we hope that the option of online therapy can lessen your social anxiety about meeting with someone new.

Online Therapy for Teens

Sometimes our teen clients have specific concerns about coming to therapy. Working with an online therapist can be a great solution for our teen clients who haven’t started driving yet. This means that parents don’t have to stress about scheduling and finding time to drive across town to get them to their appointments.

Further, teenagers are used to meeting with and talking to people online. In fact, some teenagers actually prefer talking to someone online versus in person. If this sounds like your adolescent, getting them set up with an online therapist can help you both meet your needs. They get the added support they need while you get to utilize the saved driving time.

Online Postpartum Therapy

When you are pregnant or have just given birth, leaving home can be the last thing you want to do. Online therapy lets you stay in your comfy pants in your cozy corner without concerns about safety or illness. Plus, you don’t have to worry about finding childcare for your little ones. Perhaps this looks like giving them an hour of screen time while you talk to your therapist. Or you can plan nap time around your therapy sessions. Online therapy lets you keep an eye on your little ones while also getting the support you deserve.

Virtual EMDR and Online Trauma Therapy

Our therapists know that some days, getting out of bed is just impossible. So, many of our clients working through trauma therapy and PTSD treatment find that online therapy is a great option. You can speak with a compassionate, unbiased therapist who can provide the support you crave.

Furthermore, clients seeking EMDR therapy can do this online as well. Virtual EMDR therapy is becoming more popular. It allows for the same process to take place with the same healing capabilities, only with additional comfort. In fact, some of our clients who use virtual EMDR claim to feel safer when able to do it from their home and prefer it to in-person sessions now.

Online Couples Therapy

A common barrier that comes up for couples seeking couples therapy or marriage counseling is scheduling conflicts. Say, one partner works all day and is available during the night, but the other has an opposite schedule. Online therapy allows both partners to meet for couples therapy from their separate spaces, allowing for added convenience and flexibility.

Online Therapy in California Works

Our counseling center in Los Angeles, CA specializes in working with individuals to overcome hardship and feel more connected. Online therapy in California allows you to meet with one of our skilled therapists despite your location in the state. So, if you just haven’t found a therapist who “gets it” yet, we hope you give our skilled therapists a try.

Begin Online Therapy in California

Your mental health deserves to be prioritized just like everyone else’s. So, the therapists at our Los Angeles-based counseling practice are ready to provide support and stability whenever you’re ready. Follow the steps below to get started with online therapy in California.

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  2. Meet with one of our compassionate online therapists.
  3. Feel heard, supported, and validated, and start living more authentically.

Other Services at Yellow Chair Collective

You can access a variety of therapeutic services at our counseling office located in Los Angeles, CA. Further, they can all be done using online therapy! Parents and couples can find support in postpartum therapy, individual therapy, and couples therapy. Further, we provide therapy for teens too, so your adolescent can get help. If you’re looking for trauma therapy and PTSD treatment, our practice offers virtual EMDR therapy so you can heal from the comfort of your home. In addition, we provide services for anxiety treatment, burnout treatment and work stress management, and HSP treatment and therapy for empaths. Our therapists look forward to helping you with whatever mental health needs you’re facing.

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