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Yellow Chair Collective Blog

A man who is a caregiving holding the hand of a woman who is using a wheelchair representing the social support that caregivers need and can find from a Los Angeles and New York City therapist at Yellow Chair Collective.

How to Manage Caregiving for Someone in Your Life

My Experience with Caregiving A little over 1.5 years ago, my father died after being terminally ill for 2.5 years. He began getting very sick in 2018, right when I started my graduate program to become a therapist. I had to learn things quickly, but

Image of an online meeting between two people. This image exemplifies a session of virtual EMDR in California. Being PTSD treatment today. | 90404 | 90503

Benefits of Virtual EMDR Therapy: Trauma & PTSD Treatment

Do you feel jumpy, disconnected, or like you are walking around in a daze? Suffer from flashbacks or nightmares of stressful events? Do you avoid situations or reminders of the traumatic event? You may have experienced some sort of trauma. What’s Considered Trauma? Trauma appears