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Yellow Chair Collective Blog

Benefits of Online Therapy for Teens

Connecting with teens via telehealth offers a range of benefits. Not only are teens more comfortable with the digital format, they also have the benefit of doing therapy in their pajamas! Being at home, in familiar surroundings, can immediately make your teen feel more comfortable

How Do You Know That It’s Time to Leave Your Job?

A burnout therapist in Los Angeles, California discusses the difference between being burnt out and needing a career shift. Experiencing burnout at work isn’t an unusual thing. As a matter of fact, job burnout is the most common form of burnout that people experience during

How Do You Know If You’re Burned Out?

A burnout therapist in Los Angeles, California discusses signs of burning out. People are quick to use different stylizations of the expression, “I’m burned out.”. However, is there a difference between being stressed and burned out? And how do you know if you’re burned out?