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About Us

We’re Yellow Chair Collective

Providing high quality psychotherapy services in Los Angeles and online

Whether you are looking for a therapist for anxiety, burnout, depression, life transition, relationship issues, or just feeling off….

We’re here to help you overcome life’s obstacles, and find deeper connection and meaning in your life.

You don’t have to go through this alone.

What is Yellow Chair Collective?

We’re a passionate psychotherapist group based in California. But Yellow Chair Collective has a deeper meaning too…

Take a look at our logo on the right. How many different elements do you see? We designed our logo to represent exactly how we work to help you on your journey of discovery.

Digital image of Yellow Chair's chair labyrinth. This symbolizes the work of the anxiety therapists in Los Angeles, CA to help people manage mental health concerns. | 91108 | 90232

The Yellow Chair

Yellow is the color of hope, enlightenment and creativity. The seat symbolizes a safe place to rest. A comfortable couch you can sit on to escape the pains of the world. Somewhere that supports you when you need it most.

A chair is a resting place for your body and your mind. As a social symbol, it invites you to talk about your feelings. So you can begin to build better relationships with yourself and with others.

We are your yellow chair. Your comfortable place to go to get hope and feel joy and acceptance.

The Labyrinth

Can you see the maze inside our logo? The labyrinth represents the journey that you will take with us. Always with one destination – your center. You’ll explore balance and find peace in your mind and body. You’re then guided back out into the world to come home to yourself.

Choose a yellow chair therapist to guide you on your mind’s journey to peace and happiness

Who Do We Help?

Yellow Chair Collective is a brave and safe place for everyone. We practice culturally sensitive and responsive, trauma-informed, anti-oppressive and LGBTQIA affirmative counseling and psychotherapy services.

We strive to be an intentional and inclusive space for all. You are welcome here regardless of your race, culture, religion, sexuality, gender orientation, disability, or immigration status.

We celebrate Diversity. Everyone is welcome to take a seat on our yellow chair of compassion and acceptance.

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Image of four people and a dog having a picnic outdoors. You can find joy again after working with a burnout therapist in Los Angeles, CA. 91108 | 90232