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Therapy for Teens

Are fear, stress, and anxiety keeping your teen from living life to their fullest potential?

Helping guide your teen through their emotions in a caring and sensitive way is a big challenge. But, our skilled therapists for teens can help! We specialize in helping teenagers navigate the social and emotional difficulties of school as well as the developmental challenges of adolescence. Give your teen an opportunity to overcome their stress and anxiety with effective teen therapy sessions.

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Image of a teenage girl sitting on a couch and reading a book. This girl represents what someone searching "therapy for teens in Los Angeles, CA" may look like. If your teen needs support, working with a teen therapist in Los Angeles, CA can help. | 90404 | 90503 |

Stress isn’t just for adults, teens feel stress too

The stress of school work, exams, relationships, and social media can really take its toll on teens. Furthermore, the modern teenager has a maze of emotions they must navigate every day.

Feeling stressed is a normal emotion for people throughout different stages of life. However, deep overwhelmingness and intense stress can lead to anxiety and panic attacks. This can make everyday challenges hard to handle.

We understand the difficulties your teen is facing. And we’re here to help.

Image of a young woman standing next to a river wearing an orange scarf. She represents an adolescent who may seek support from a teen therapist in Los Angeles, CA. Therapy for teens in Los Angeles, CA can help teenagers and young adults explore themselves. | 91006 | 90071 |
Image of a young woman with leaves in the air in front of her face. Teenagers can find support during adolescence by working with a teen therapist in Los Angeles, CA. Plus, therapy for teens in Los Angeles, CA is helpful for all family members.| 91108 | 90232 |

Therapy for Teens at Yellow Chair

Therapy for teens not only has benefits for your child, but also for parents! When your adolescent works with a teen therapist, you can free yourself from the power struggles and constant worries. Furthermore, by setting your teen up with a therapist, you can help them find freedom from anxiety and troubles.

In therapy for teens, they will explore how to manage their biggest stressors with coping strategies. Additionally, they will learn to build compassion and empathy for themselves and others. Our therapists create a safe environment for your teen to talk through disruptive thoughts and difficult feelings.

To parents: we will help you understand your teen’s emotional barriers and challenges. And we’ll provide both you and your teen with relaxation techniques to better control their anxiety and stress.

Our Yellow Chair is a safe resting place for the body and mind. It’s a place to be relieved of the stressors. We welcome you and your family and will allow your teen to take it at their own pace.

Teens – Does this sound familiar?

Did you know that 1 in 5 Americans suffer from anxiety? That’s an estimated 48 million people. So, know that you are not alone!

Each person experiences anxiety and depression in unique ways. Do any of these sensations sound like what you are experiencing?

Confusing changes to your body

Concerns about your body and weight

Easily being irritable

Low motivation for anything

Trouble sleeping

Pressure from schoolwork and exams

Bullying (including cyber-bullying)

Feelings of insecurities 

Relationship issues and sexual pressures

With the help of one of our teen therapists, you can learn to navigate the seas of pressure, the storms of overwhelming thoughts, and depressive emotions with us.

You don’t have to do this on your own. So, your lonely journey ends today. Talk to your parents about starting therapy for teens today.

Image of a table with air plants and succulents on it. Your family can feel connected again with the help of therapy for teens in Los Angeles, CA. When your teen works with a teen therapist in Los Angeles, CA, your whole family benefits. | 90504 | 90505 |

Your emotions are not permanent. There is a way to feel better.

Don’t let anxiety control you anymore! Learn to be the best version of yourself by exploring your feelings with a teen therapist. You may be anxious just thinking about starting therapy for teens. But your inquisitive nature has brought you to this page. It makes sense that you want to be supported and you want to feel in control. And, we can help you take back command of your life.

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Image of two hands gently holding a black butterfly. This image represents the delicate nature of many teens who can find support from therapy for teens in Los Angeles, CA. Getting support from a teen therapist in Los Angeles, CA can help the whole family reconnect. | 90504 | 90505 |

Therapy for teens can help you manage the emotional rollercoaster

The teen years are a confusing time full of both physical and emotional changes. No wonder you are struggling to manage! Your overwhelming emotions and interruptive thoughts may be getting in the way of your efforts of trying to succeed. We understand that you have a deep desire to live a happier life full of potential. So, our focus is to help you understand how to navigate the changes that are taking place within your body and brain by teaching practical coping strategies for stress and anxiety. And we’ll work on integrating the mind and body using grounding skills. These tools will provide you with the confidence and control that you need to continue finding your motivation for success. 

We understand the emotional rollercoaster ride you get on every day with your parents, siblings, friends, and teachers. Further, we know the desire to want to escape from it all. Come to our safe and confidential space to discover calmness and regain your sense of motivation in life.

Our Yellow Chair teen therapists will help you understand your confusing emotions. In addition, you can rest easily knowing that what you share with us will be kept confidential.

Image of a young woman sitting behind a window with her hand held to her forehead. She represents someone who could benefit from working with a teen therapist in Los Angeles, CA for therapy for teens. | 90404 | 90503 |

Parents – Empower your teen with therapy for teens

Often, mental health issues are avoided in social discussions. Unfortunately, our teenagers are often the victims of these avoidant topics. Their worries, anxiety, depressive moods, and stress are all equally painful experiences as an adult mental health condition. And any unresolved issues as a teen will follow them into adulthood.

Stress and anxiety are the largest mental health problems teens face. Our Los Angeles, CA and New York City, NY counseling center has experienced and caring teen therapists that will help your child with any emotional and mental health concerns. And for you and your teen’s added convenience, online therapy sessions are available.

Give your teen the best chance of success and happiness by supporting their mental health in therapy for teens.

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Begin Therapy for Teens in Los Angeles, CA and New York City, NY

Your teen may be struggling with the changes of adolescence. And working with one of the teen therapists at our counseling center located in Los Angeles, CA and New York City, NY can help. To get started with therapy for teens in Los Angeles, CA and New York City, NY, follow the steps below.

  1. Request an appointment using our contact form or the prompt below.
  2. Your teen will start meeting with a skilled teen therapist.
  3. Start seeing your teen build confidence while navigating adolescence.

Other Services at Yellow Chair Collective

Our therapy practice in Los Angeles, CA and New York City, NY provides a variety of services to assist you and your family members. Along with therapy for teens, we provide postpartum therapy and couples therapy. Furthermore, our therapists specialize in anxiety treatment, burnout treatment, and therapy for highly sensitive people and empaths. Our therapists would be honored to help you both in-person or online from anywhere in the state of California or New York.

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