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What Are the Benefits of Online Therapy for Teens?

In this day in age, much of what we do is done online. Likewise, if your teen is in need of support, they can find it online as well! In fact, connecting via online therapy for teens offers a range of benefits. Not only are teens more comfortable with the digital format, they also have the benefit of doing therapy in their pajamas! Being at home and in familiar surroundings can make your teen feel more comfortable to open up as well. When teens feel comfortable opening up, our work can be more effective.

Additionally, online therapy in California and New York has been proven to be effective. The research says that it’s especially effective for issues like sexuality and trauma, which your teen may be struggling with. This means that it’s a great option for those who don’t know how to get their teen to open up to someone new.

Another great benefit is that it can actually reduce the stigma of mental health treatment. Teens who engage in traditional in-person therapy may feel like someone will find out about them seeking support. This can cause them to feel anxious that they will be treated differently or teased because of it. Walking into a therapist’s office can feel very difficult for these teens. But logging onto a secure website can be a lot simpler. And it’s completely private. So, no one knows what you’re doing.

For parents, online therapy for teens is great because it is less expensive than traditional types of therapy. Not all online therapy is less expensive, but there may be some options that can help with your budget. And that means you can get your teen the help they need without worrying about the cost. 

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What You Need to Know Before Starting Online Therapy

Now, it is important to make sure that your teen has a good internet connection prior to starting online therapy in California or New York. If they don’t, it could actually make this type of therapy less effective or less useful for your teen. The therapist needs to be able to see them and hear them clearly. We need to understand their tone, body language and words to provide proper treatment.

Before beginning, you may want to check with your insurance company to see if they cover the cost of online therapy. This may not stop you from putting your teen in online therapy in California or New York, but it’s something you’ll want to know about and consider before you get started. 

Make sure that you talk to your teen about their therapy experience as well. This doesn’t mean that you should sit down and make them tell you everything that’s happening in their therapy sessions. This can actually be counter-intuitive and make your teen less likely to open up. Instead, make sure that they feel their therapy experience is positive and that it’s helping them.

Talking with your teen in more general terms about their experiences in therapy for teens can help them, along with your assistance, to decide if it’s working for them. If it’s not working, we will want to know what steps might be necessary to make it more effective. Not all teens will thrive in the online therapy environment, while others will find it better than traditional therapy. Discussing your teens’ opinions on the subject will help make sure they’re getting all the benefits of their therapy.

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Getting Your Teen Started with Online Therapy for Teens in California or New York

All-in-all, online therapy in California or New York is a great way for your teen to get the support they need, while helping to reduce some of their concerns about therapy. It’s a way to make sure that they can move through whatever they might be experiencing, no matter the issue. Whether it’s bullying or conflict with friends or their sexuality or self-harm, therapy for teens can help. Get started with these three steps.

  1. Fill out our appointment request form.
  2. Start sessions with one of our caring teen therapists.
  3. Let your teen start living a life they truly love!

Other Services at Yellow Chair Collective

The therapists at our Los Angeles and New York City-based counseling center are skilled in many areas. Not only do they work with teens, they also work with couples and individuals. Further, they address issues like anxietypostpartum concerns, and trauma and PTSD. Additionally, they provide highly sensitive people treatmentburnout treatmentEMDR, and culturally sensitive therapy. And all of these services can be utilized in-person or anywhere in California and New York with online therapy.

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