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Adult ADHD Evaluation and Assessment

Culturally competent Adult ADHD and Autism evaluation in Los Angeles, California, and Online

Currently our adult ADHD and autism evaluation services are on pause. However, we are still providing ADHD coaching, therapy, and support groups for teens, all adults, and Asian American adults.

In addition to therapy and coaching services, Yellow Chair Collective also offers Adult ADHD and Autism evaluation: a client-specific series of exercises, interviews, and assessments that can help you gain a better understanding of behavior, cognition, emotions, and more.


Gain new insight into yourself, your strengths, and what you need to succeed.


Adult ADHD or Autism evaluation can help you gain the answer you may have been looking for. Opening to understand how your unique brain functions and response, so that you can get the support and implement the changes that will help you live out your fullest potential. By gaining insight into your innate strengths and needs, you can improve virtually every aspect of your day-to-day life.

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Specializing in assessments for:

Adult ADHD Evaluation

Adult Autism Spectrum Disorder Assessment

Children and Teens ADHD Evaluation (waitlist only for ages 6-18)

Children and Teens Autism Evaluation (waitlist only for ages 6-18)

Your cultural background & values are important to us.


In order for evaluations to be effective, they must take into account an individual’s language, values, and cultural identity. Our team has specific training in acknowledging and considering cultural differences during and after testing to ensure that your testing experience and outcomes are accurate and applicable to you as an individual.

What to Expect


The assessment process is tailored to your needs, goals, and presenting issues. Evaluations include a combination of interviews, symptom measures, and activities such as questions and exercises that can shed light on how your unique brain functions.

Following the evaluation, there may be a follow up review with your assessor to review their findings and discuss recommended next steps. You will receive a report detailing their observations, and they’ll answer any questions you may have in order to fully understand everything that is written.

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