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APISA Sensitive Feelers and Empath (Part 2) – Relationships

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Sensitive Feelers and Empath - Exploring Relationships

Part 2 of Sensitive Feelers and Empath Group: A compassionate space for Asian & South Asian American adults to share their relational sensitive feelers and empath experiences, receive support, and learn skills.


Open to all adults (21+) anywhere in the US who have taken our General APISA Sensitive Feelers and Empath group


$275 for all 8 sessions; sliding scale & payment plans available


Support group, self-exploration tools and skills development and building/sharing of resources and to be in a community with other Sensitive Feelers and Empath members


75-minute evening sessions on Mondays from 5:45PM - 7PM PT | 7:45PM - 9PM CT | 8:45PM - 10PM ET


Zoom link to be sent upon signup


Our groups run seasonally. Please register below to be notified about the next cohort!


Group members will have a deeper understanding of their sensitivity, uncover their unique strengths, gain new tools to care for themselves, and start developing a community with other Sensitive Feelers and Empaths in context of relationship themes (family, friends, work, self, etc.)


Sensitivity and Relationships

  • How does my Sensitive Feeler and Empath traits play into my relationships?
  • Different relationships we engage in
  • What were some cultural messages?


Relationship with Family

  • What did your family say about your sensitivity
  • Communication with Family
  • Dealing with conflicts within family


Relationship with Friends

  • What does friendship means to you?
  • Common challenges with friendships
  • Exploration and Processing


Relationship with Romantic Partners

  • What does romantic relationship means to you?
  • Common Challenges
  • Exploration and Processing


Relationships at work settings

  • Work Relationships
  • Common Challenges
  • Exploration and Processing


Relationship with Self Part 1

  • What does it mean by having a relationship with yourself?
  • Your sensitive strengths


Relationship with Self Part 2

  • Self-compassion
  • Re-writing our letters to ourselves


Celebrating your relationships!

  • Celebrating our sensitive perception in relationships
  • Resources and closure

Part 2 of Sensitive Feelers and Empath Group: A Space for Asian & South Asian American Adults to share their relational Sensitive Feelers and Empath experiences, receive support, and learn skills.

This support group was formerly called “APIDA Highly Sensitive Person Group – Relationships (Part 2)”. It has been offering group members a space to share their experiences and learn to navigate their sensitivity, including how their sensitivity intersects with their relationships. However, it has come to our attention that the term “Highly Sensitive Person” (or HSP) that was first coined by Psychologist Elaine Aron has been used by some professionals to foster stigma against the autistic community, associating the term with an ableist sentiment. Here at YCC, inclusivity and diversity are our core values, and we have relied on individual participants’ self-identification of HSP regardless of having other identities/diagnoses or no diagnosis. After much consideration, we have decided to step away from using the term HSP while still upholding a space where empathic and sensitive experiences can still be discussed. We will continue to provide a welcoming space for all those who identify as an empath or sensitive feeler or simply want to process their experiences of sensitivity.


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