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Stress & Burnout

A man who is a caregiver holding the hand of a woman who is using a wheelchair representing the social support that caregivers need and can find from therapy for caregivers in New York.

How to Manage Caregiving for Someone in Your Life

My Experience with Caregiving A little over 1.5 years ago, my father died after being terminally ill for 2.5 years. He began getting very sick in 2018, right when I started my graduate program to become a therapist. I had to learn things quickly, but

How Do You Know That It’s Time to Leave Your Job?

A burnout therapist in Los Angeles, California discusses the difference between being burnt out and needing a career shift. Experiencing burnout at work isn’t an unusual thing. As a matter of fact, job burnout is the most common form of burnout that people experience during

How Do You Know If You’re Burned Out?

A burnout therapist in Los Angeles, California discusses signs of burning out. People are quick to use different stylizations of the expression, “I’m burned out.”. However, is there a difference between being stressed and burned out? And how do you know if you’re burned out?