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A close up of people holding hands. This could represent the bonds cultivated when working with a neurodiversity-affirming therapist in Los Angeles, CA. Search for an online therapist in New York to learn more about the help an ADHD therapist in Los Angeles, CA or New York can offer.

6 Common Challenges in ADHD Couples + Tips for Coping

ADHD Couples, or couples in which at least one person has ADHD, have twice the rate of divorce compared to the general population. ADHD impacts multiple areas of life, and is in fact considered a disability by the Americans with Disability Act. Whether you or

An asian american woman holds a pillow while wiping tears. Learn how a trauma therapist in Los Angeles, CA can offer therapy for ADHD in Los Angeles, CA and other services. Search for adult ADHD therapy and coaching to learn more.

Exploring Links Between ADHD and Trauma

While it may seem like ADHD and trauma are separate concerns, there is an increasing body of research that indicates there are links between ADHD and trauma. In fact, there is actually a significant amount of overlap between the two experiences. As a result, it

Asian American with ADHD. Asians with ADHD. ADHD therapy for Asian Americans. ADHD coaching for Asian Americans.

Being an Asian American ADHDer

There is more conversation than ever about ADHD, especially on social media. This is leading more people to wonder whether they have been missed for an ADHD diagnosis. Many Asian American ADHDers have come to realize that they have ADHD in their adulthood, primarily because