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Asian therapist in California, Mandarin speaking therapist

Cynthia Mao, MSW

Adult, Couples & Family Therapist

Hello and welcome. If you're navigating life's twists and turns,struggling from unwanted feelings and mood swings, or dealing with the challenges of today's complex world, you're in the right place. Life can often present us with unexpected transitions, relationship struggles, loneliness, helplessness, and the weight of depression or anxiety. It's especially challenging when you find yourself balancing between different cultures and identities. I want you to know that you're not alone in your journey. I'm here to offer support, understanding, and guidance through these challenges.

Pronouns: She/Her

Location: Online

Language: English and Mandarin

Fee: $175

Sliding Scale: Available

Insurance: Aetna, Cigna, and PPO Superbill

Accepting New Clients: Yes


  • Adult
  • Couples
  • Families


  • ADHD
  • Anxiety & Stress Management
  • Asian & Immigrant Experience
  • Burnout & Perfectionism
  • International Students
  • Trauma & PTSD

Hello! I’m Cynthia Mao.

Reaching out for help takes incredible courage, and I want to commend you for taking this significant step. It’s difficult to navigate life’s challenges alone, and the path of feeling unseen and unheard can be both confusing and painful. Your struggles are not your fault, and you deserve a safe space where you can freely express your emotions and thoughts without judgement. I’m glad that you are here, where your voice will be heard and embraced with empathy. 

As we get started on this collaborative journey, I consider it a privilege to learn about your deepest thoughts and feelings. I offer a therapeutic environment with respect, warmth, and nonjudgmental support. Together, we can navigate your past, present, and future, delving into your inner landscape with compassion and understanding. Our shared exploration will empower you to cultivate insights, healing, and a renewed sense of self.

I’m a dedicated mental health therapist passionate about accompanying and guiding you toward a life of emotional well-being and personal growth. With a background rooted in psychology and clinical social work, and a genuine desire to make a positive impact, I would like to stand by your side in part of your life journey.

Therapy for Asian and Asian American Communities

I am deeply committed to offering therapy specifically tailored to the distinctive experiences of Asian and Asian American individuals. Coming from East Asian communities and getting educated in the States, I will work collaboratively with you to help you figure out your social, cultural, and gender identities within different cultural and social backgrounds. Without judgments or high expectations, we will co-create a safe and open space where you can explore who you are and how to move closer to your ideal state.

 Together, we will develop a better understanding of ourselves and a more significant relief from the things that hinder our healing and success. We’ll cultivate a sense of connection, empowerment, and self-discovery. I will guide you toward a path of authenticity and resilience.

Therapy for Stress and Anxiety

Anxiety can cast a shadow over even the brightest moments of our lives. Stress from work, relationships, school, or daily interactions can all be driving you anxious. I am here to provide you with the tools to reclaim your sense of calm and explore the roots of your anxiety. Through evidence-based techniques, mindfulness practices, and empathetic support, we will work together to alleviate the weight of anxious thoughts in the most helpful way. Think of me as your steadfast companion, guiding you toward a place of peace and self-assurance.

Therapy for Relationship Issues

Navigating relationships can be both rewarding and challenging. Whether it’s family dynamics, friendships, or matters of the heart, I’m here to stand by your side as we unravel the complexities of your connections. With an open heart and a nonjudgmental stance, I am dedicated to helping you cultivate healthier connections and fostering a deeper understanding of yourself within these dynamics.

What Therapy with Me Looks Like

Choosing therapy is an act of self-empowerment, and I’m here to honor that step by creating an environment defined by trust, authenticity, and a shared sense of purpose.

In our therapeutic journey, these are two of the approaches that I would usually use:

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy: We’ll cultivate a mindset of embracing your thoughts and feelings rather than resisting them since pushing them away would probably lead to repetitions and more problems. Together, we’ll work on committing to actions that align with your values, so that you can develop psychological flexibility and resilience. Through mindfulness practices and acceptance, we’ll create a supportive space for you to develop a compassionate relationship with your inner experiences. Our focus will be on actively pursuing a meaningful life, promoting emotional well-being and personal growth.

Client-Centered Therapy: Our sessions revolve around you and your unique experiences. I’m here to actively listen, without judgement, and provide a space where you can freely explore your thoughts and emotions. Your needs and goals will be at the forefront of our work together.

Psychodynamic Approach: We’ll delve deeper into the layers of your experiences, understanding how past interactions and emotions shape your present. This approach empowers us to untangle the threads of pain and uncertainty, leading to a renewed sense of self and emotional well-being.

If you’re ready to embark on a journey of self-exploration, healing, and growth, I extend a warm invitation to take the next step. Your unique story holds value, and I’m here to guide you in weaving a narrative of resilience and empowerment.

More About Me…

My journey has been filled with unique experiences that help me connect with the challenges you might be facing. I’ve seen firsthand the struggles my loved ones face with mental health and the related stigmas. Being an Asian woman who’s lived in various parts of the US, I’ve felt the challenges of being a racial minority and understand the pressures of blending cultural heritage with Western expectations.This helps me deeply appreciate the beauty of diversity and the nuances of identity.

Outside of work, I love soaking in the beauty of nature, losing myself in music, and admiring the wonders of art. Like many, I enjoy binge-watching shows on Netflix, playing video games, and cherishing moments with animals. Quality time with family and friends means the world to me. Let’s chat about our shared interests and experiences; I’m here to connect with you.

Let’s start talking about how therapy can help you. Schedule an appointment with me today.

Cynthia Mao, 社会工作硕士 MA



你好! 我是Cynthia Mao。














1. 接纳与承诺疗法: 在我们的交流中,会逐步建立对待思维和情感更开放的心态,而不是试图躲避它们,因为躲避、抗拒也许会导致问题恶化或者在未来的某些时刻反复重现、打扰你的生活。一起,我们会努力去采取符合你价值观的行动,这样你就能更加灵活、坚韧地应对生活。通过正念和接纳的方法,我们要帮你建立起与内在经历亲切相处的态度。我们的目标是积极追求有意义的生活,促进情感健康和个人成长。

2. 个人中心疗法: 我们的谈话会围绕着你和你的经历展开。我会倾听你的故事,不做评判,并提供一个你可以自由探索思想和情感的空间。而且我信任你,因为你最了解你自己。你的需求和目标是我们共同努力的方向。

3. 心理动力学:我们会从多个层面来深入了解你的经历与过去,理解过去的互动和情感是如何影响你现在的生活与选择。这种方法会帮助我们解开问题的线索,探索痛苦和不安的根源,从而让你更好地理解自己、感受到成长与幸福。






Registered California Board of Behavioral Sciences Number: ACSW 117246

加利福尼亚行为科学委员会注册执照号:ACSW 117246

Registered under the name Xinyan Mao

注册名:Xinyan Mao

Supervised by Nadia Islam, LCSW 24725

督导:Nadia Islam 临床社工 LCSW 24725