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Janessa Fong, BA

Teen & Young Adult ADHD Coach

I provide 1:1 ADHD coaching for teens and young adults (ages 14 to 25) who are trying to navigate their their ADHD struggles affecting their lives.

Pronouns: She/Her

Location: Online

Language: English

Fee: $125

Sliding Scale: Available

Accepting New Clients: Yes


  • Teen


  • Teen & Young Adult ADHD

Hello! I’m Janessa and I am here to help you understand and navigate your ADHD.

Have you ever struggled with prioritizing your tasks?

Do you find that it’s difficult to get things organized?

Have you ever focused solely on one task that you forgot about everything else?

If so, you may have ADHD. Despite what you may have been told, you are not lazy, you are not unteachable, and you are not incapable of growth. You are here; what you experience is real, and you are not alone.

Although many people associate ADHD with children, you can be diagnosed with ADHD at any point in your life. ADHD looks different for everyone; it can look like hyperactivity; it can look like inattention, and it can look like both. ADHD impacts what we call executive functioning skills, such as organizing your thoughts, managing your time, and making decisions. Your ADHD can sometimes get in the way of the things you want to achieve, but I’m here to support you as you work towards your goals.

I want to help you understand your ADHD, what it means to you, and how it impacts your life. Through this journey together, we will create action steps for you to work towards your goals and ways that you can live freely without having to feel overwhelmed and worried by organization, time management, and managing your emotions.

ADHD comes with many gifts and struggles. I can help you see that your ADHD struggles can become your strength.

I am looking forward to taking this next step with you!