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vietnamese american therapist

Khai Hoang, MA

Teen, Adult, and Couples Therapist

I work with teens, adults, and couples experiencing a variety of challenges, such as anxiety, professional burnout, self-worth, and depression. My psychotherapy approach is strengths-based and emotionally focused, and I embrace my client’s intersecting identities, and prioritize cultural, sexual-orientation, and gender-based struggles. You are not alone on this path, and I’ll make our sessions safe for you to bring forth your lived experiences, no matter their intensity.

Location: California,Online

Language: English and Vietnamese

Fee: $175

Sliding Scale: Available

Insurance: Cigna, Aetna, can provide superbill for PPO plans

Accepting New Clients: Yes


  • Adult
  • Couples
  • Teen


  • Anxiety & Stress Management
  • Asian & Asian American Experience
  • BIPOC & Asian American Experience
  • Burnout & Perfectionism
  • College & Academic Stressors
  • Couples Therapist
  • Relationships & Family Issues

Hello, my name is Khai. I’m glad you’re here. It’s time to tune into your own wellbeing and concentrate on you.

The many parts of your life have begun to feel overwhelming, and often leave you feeling exhausted. You feel caught up in your fears, stress, and worries, and can’t understand where the disconnect is coming from. You long to feel more present in your life, and although you have been doing everything you can to push through, you can see that continuing this way won’t work. 

You may feel stuck in your professional life, and want to rekindle your passion or make a change. Relationships with friends, family, and loved ones may feel distant or unsafe, and you struggle with feeling deserving of the comfort, care, and connection you need. You’re beginning to look inward, and want to develop a better understanding of yourself, your story, and your goals.
You don’t want to continue keeping on, you want to move forward. You feel like you’ve tried it all, and your usual solutions and remedies just haven’t been satisfying. You’re ready to try something new. You’re in the right place.

Working with Me

Many of my clients may feel unsure of themselves. My job is to help you understand the narrative of your life, to understand how your experiences have led you to where you are, and empower you to make meaningful decisions about where you want to go next.  My therapeutic approach will help you learn and grow the strengths of your personal story, unpack and resolve difficult history, and equip you to make life more fulfilling.

We’ll collaborate on your goals, and I’ll guide you through finding a use of our time that best fits your needs. In therapy, you can slowly try out being more vulnerable, practice the difficult conversations, and learn about yourself. I’m process-oriented and will help you bring your feelings and challenges into the session. I’ll help you learn what patterns and cycles keep you stuck, and empower you to identify new ways to approach life.

My ideal clients value deepening their emotional experiences, being open to new skills and perspectives, and exploring the myriad ways their identities inform their unique selves. Essentially, I come alongside my clients to share the burden and share the tools to feel present in their lives, relationships, and communities. If this sounds like you, I could be of help.

Therapy for Asians & Asian Americans

I’ve worked extensively with other Asian mental health professionals and many Asian and BIPOC clients. I choose to share with my clients the personal empathy and insight I’ve gained as someone who carries multiple marginalized identities. I grew up as a second-generation member of a large Vietnamese American family, and faced many challenges in navigating my identities and environment. In addition to facing unique stressors, Asian Americans often come from circumstances that make learning how to best communicate, feel, and understand our experiences particularly challenging. Discouraging stigmas may also lead us to feel isolated and undeserving of support and care.  I’m deeply passionate about coming alongside clients who are ready to explore their relationship to community, culture, and family in therapy. By deepening our understanding, therapy may help you enrich your identity and feel confident about  who you choose to be.

Therapy for LGBTQIA+ Clients

For those of us who identify within the LGBTQIA+ umbrella, navigating life in restrictive families, cultures, and social parameters may be uniquely difficult, distressing, and anxiety-inducing. Having a therapist who is wholeheartedly on your side is crucial to making therapy a safe space to be honest with yourself. Like other areas of my psychotherapy outlook, I share my personal experiences and radical support of all LGBTQIA+ identities with my clients. I have had the opportunity of working extensively with clients who identify within this umbrella, which has only furthered my knowledge and compassion for others in our community. I also exercise humility as a therapist, and welcome your input, insight, and corrections as you see fit.  Whether you are beginning to be curious about this part of your identity, exploring your expression/boundaries, or experiencing stressors related to your identity, I am here to help.

Therapy for Anxiety & Depression

Regular life brings stress. However, you recognize your anxiety and/or depression has become a significantly disruptive part of your life. The way these mental afflictions present in your life have become too intense and make day-to-day functioning difficult. You struggle to push on, but find yourself doubting your abilities and worrying about your responsibilities.

Whether your anxiety and/or depression feels acute or consistent, and regardless of where it comes from for you, we will work together to help you learn healthy coping mechanisms, expand your understanding of the roots of that anxiety, and find a path forward that feels satisfying for you.

Therapy for Teens

As a young person, you’re likely juggling responsibilities from school and your community, family and relationships, and forging who you are and your future. You feel like the world is asking a lot of you, and you find it hard to make sense of the feelings and emotions that come up for you. 

In our sessions, we won’t just talk about the issues you’re facing; we’ll explore creative and personalized strategies to help you handle whatever life throws your way. As a therapist, I’ve spent the majority of my training working with youth, and have been able to understand the unique stress you face. We’ll work on building a toolbox of healthy coping skills, communication, and more that will build your resilience and confidence to navigate your teen years and beyond. Whether you want to share your triumphs, gain communication skills for those difficult conversations, or receive support for your unique stress, I’m here for you.

Background, Education, and Training

Before joining YCC in the fall of 2023, I worked in community mental health in the Bay Area. I provided psychotherapy to children, teenagers, and families struggling with anxiety, depression, major life transitions, and their relationships.

I have experience and training working in several therapy modalities and will work with you to tailor therapy to your unique needs. I prefer an integrative approach and often combine modalities, such as Attachment-Focused, Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), CBT, and psychodynamic therapy.  I received my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from California State University, Fullerton, and my Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of San Francisco.

Beyond psychotherapy, my background is varied. I have years of experience in student affairs at multiple universities, which has informed my work with students, graduates, and new professionals. I developed much of my own therapeutic ideals from research work on the mental health of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders I completed while working on my Master’s in Counseling Psychology. 

You’re in the right place. I would be honored to be a part of your mental health journey. 

If you are ready for this next chapter in your life, make an appointment with me today. 

Registered California Board of Behavioral Sciences Number: AMFT 141450

Supervised by Phuong Tang, LCSW 27966