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asian american therapist

Suzanne Eng, MA

Adult, Couples & Family Therapist

I'm here to provide a safe and compassionate space where you can freely express yourself, explore your thoughts and feelings, and discover the tools to overcome anxiety, depression, burnout, and cultural hurdles. You don't have to face these challenges alone—I'll be right by your side, listening, supporting, and empowering you as we embark on a journey towards a more fulfilling and authentic life.

Pronouns: She/Her

Location: New York,Online

Language: English

Fee: $165

Sliding Scale: Available

Insurance: None

Accepting New Clients: Yes


  • Adult
  • Couples
  • Family
  • Older Adults


  • ADHD
  • Anxiety & Stress Management
  • BIPOC & Asian American Experience
  • Relationship Issues
  • Trauma & PTSD

Hello, my name is Suzanne.

As an Asian therapist, I am particularly attuned to the mental health needs of BIPOC communities and the Asian diaspora. I understand the importance of addressing mental health concerns through a culturally informed lens. Your experiences, struggles, and triumphs are valid, and I am here to honor and support you every step of the way.

Together, we will navigate the complexities of your emotions, thoughts, and relationships, fostering healing, growth, and empowerment. I am committed to providing a warm, nonjudgmental, and confidential space for you to explore, heal, and discover your and your relationship’s strengths.

Therapy with Me

I provide a gentle space where you are free to express yourself whether it is through art, words or body language. The art of listening is valuable, and when embarking in the therapeutic relationship, connecting with your therapist is important. Having a conversation with me involves a dialogue back and forth with careful observations and questions to guide healing, reflection and understanding. Developing a voice of your own when you need it in this space can begin to develop. I would like to help you learn how to trust yourself and provide insight into how you navigate life’s challenges with your own thinking as well as how you interact with the world. 

I will focus on your feelings and thoughts and how you relate to others in your family, with your friends, work and community. How you form relationships often start with your first ones. I often employ guidance with questions and collaboration with an active dialogue. I sometimes, more so with families and couples, approach examining roles that often get confusing and frustrating when ownership of each person’s position isn’t clear. When each person’s role is clarified, then everyone feels better, and greater connections in each group feel organic. I want to help you understand yourself and those around you better.

Intergenerational Trauma

This work is passionate for me. Being at a more experienced age, I feel present and engaged in this space. With this type of trauma, passages of time are experienced through the eyes of all family members and get passed on without being visible. In this space, I hope to bring to light all generations seen and unseen. 

Couples Therapy

Conflict occurs often when two or more people in a relationship do not understand what their own triggers are or have learned how to show conflict as a way of relating. If this happens, I will mediate and help you avoid fighting, and instead help you learn how to reflect what each other is really feeling and pay special attention to what each is really saying.

Family Therapy

Family roles need to have some definition for each member. If this is lacking clarity, communication can break down. In Asian cultures, this can grow to become more complex because of a possible language barrier or lack of understanding. Family members can often be the most triggering to be around. It’s a place where if roles are skewed and expectations are unexplained, then this can be a source of real pain and resentment. I hope to offer a place for you to express your pain and move towards healing. I use sessions to help explore intergenerational trauma and hurt from assimilation. My work here includes observing how families function and guiding possible solutions for better collaboration.

Art Therapy

I am an experienced Board Certified Art Therapist and have worked as an artist for many years. Being creative often lends itself to feelings and thoughts that you may have not been aware of.  With art therapy, I guide you to be creative to allow for greater self insight. No need for artistic ability, just a willingness for self expression through this medium. You will not be judged in this space. Stick figures are definitely allowed. Other creative outlets are welcome too. 

My Story

Born and raised in the city of Chicago, I am the youngest of four children. Since my siblings were four years and older, I was always taken care of physically by my family, but I cared for them emotionally.  Always a good listener, I found myself in the space of making people feel good about themselves and that their stories were received and heard. I’ve always been an entertainer and made my family laugh.  

My younger years were spent in a mostly White and Hispanic community. I was teased and made fun of for my appearance constantly. I soon learned how to assimilate very well into “Whiteness,” but was often reminded that I wasn’t White based on my appearance. The journey to find healing for myself continues as I explore the beauty of combining the best of both worlds. This means knowing more about what my Asian heritage means to me as well as being an American.  

Beyond my role as a Marriage and Family Therapist intern at YCC, I embody the identities of a wife, mother, artist, creator, and licensed creative art therapist.

You don’t have to face life’s challenges alone—I’ll be right by your side, listening, supporting, and empowering you as we embark on a journey towards a more fulfilling and authentic life. Together, let’s take that first step towards unlocking your inner strength and finding greater understanding and growth.

Adult, Couples & Family Therapist Intern
Licensed Creative Art Therapist – NY
Board Certified Art Therapist

Supervised by Joanna Chang, LCSW 092142