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Author: Linda Yoon

Image of an online meeting between two people. This image exemplifies a session of virtual EMDR in California. Being PTSD treatment today. | 90404 | 90503

Benefits of Virtual EMDR Therapy: Trauma & PTSD Treatment

Do you feel jumpy, disconnected, or like you are walking around in a daze? Suffer from flashbacks or nightmares of stressful events? Do you avoid situations or reminders of the traumatic event? You may have experienced some sort of trauma. What’s Considered Trauma? Trauma appears

Image of a person breaking a chain. This image could depict someone who has received PTSD treatment in Los Angeles, CA with our PTSD therapists in Los Angeles, CA. PTSD and the asian american experience can be helped. (90404, 90503, 91006, 90071).

PTSD Symptoms and the Asian American Experience

Trauma and Resilience Two themes that seem to perpetuate themselves in our Asian American communities. Our grandparents and parents experienced trauma in the form of war violence, political upheaval, refugee camps, and racial discrimination. Today, Asian Americans are experiencing trauma as we are facing pandemic-related

Asian woman looking at her reflection in mirror. (90404, 90503, 91006.) We have therapy for asian women in Los Angeles, CA if you’re struggling with the asian american experience. Asian american therapist in Los Angeles, CA can help you.

Healing from Asian American Female and Femme Body Image

Asian Female and Femme Body Image The Asian Female and Femme Body Image is complex and deserving of discussion. Perhaps, you’ve experienced this for yourself over the years. Asian American female & femme bodies have to deal with both Asian and Western beauty standards and