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A silhouette of a woman sitting alone on a dock. This could represent the struggles of depression that Asian American therapy in New York can address. Learn more about Asian American therapy near me and more today.

Recognizing the Signs: Unveiling Depression Among Asian Americans

Depression is a prevalent mental health condition that can affect anyone, regardless of their age, gender, or race or ethnicity. For Asian Americans, cultural factors and societal expectations can contribute to the under-recognition and underreporting of depressive symptoms. In addition, stigma and the lack of

An asian american woman holds a pillow while wiping tears. Learn how a trauma therapist in Los Angeles, CA can offer therapy for ADHD in Los Angeles, CA and other services. Search for adult ADHD therapy and coaching to learn more.

Exploring Links Between ADHD and Trauma

While it may seem like ADHD and trauma are separate concerns, there is an increasing body of research that indicates there are links between ADHD and trauma. In fact, there is actually a significant amount of overlap between the two experiences. As a result, it

A woman holds her hands out in a heart shape against the setting sun. Contact an empath therapist in Los Angeles, CA for support with empath therapy in Los Angeles, CA. Search for “empath therapist near me” to learn more.

Being an Empath or Highly Sensitive Person

As more and more people share their experiences with mental health, you may have heard some folks use the terms Empath or Highly Sensitive Person. For some individuals, these terms can offer clarity and a ‘name’ for experiences that may have never been previously recognized.