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Addressing ADHD as an Adult with an Online Asian American Therapist

A woman sits at a desk with her laptop. Learn how adult ADHD therapy in Los Angeles, CA can offer support from where is best for you. Online therapy in California can offer remote support including adult ADHD therapy and coaching in Los Angeles, CA.

More than ever, people are talking about ADHD and neurodivergence, especially on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. These conversations are not only increasing awareness around these issues. They are also leading people to wonder whether they themselves have ADHD or are neurodivergent. It is hard to say whether all of these people are neurodivergent. But we do know that many individuals, especially Asians Americans, are misdiagnosed or under diagnosed throughout their childhood. (For common signs of adult ADHD, read more here.)

If you do seek diagnosis as an adult, you might find that the assessment process can be difficult and expensive. And once you have the diagnosis, you might now know what to do with it, beyond taking medication. There is much less support for ADHDers outside of the schooling system. In fact, many adult ADHDers find that their only access to support is through online communities and support groups. By working with an online therapist, you can find support and guidance in several areas of your life.

Process your experiences with your family

An Asian American therapist can help you explore your experiences with ADHD in the context of your family. For many Asian American individuals, one reason they may have been missed for ADHD is the pressure from their parents to perform well academically. This pressure can push individuals to compensate by using strategies that they can find. As a result, doing well in grade school can mean that your ADHD symptoms get completely missed until college or working life. This can be particularly frustrating for individuals who wonder if they may have had a less difficult time if they had received support earlier in life.

On top of pressure, your parents may have unintentionally communicated negative messages about yourself and your capabilities. Your parents may have thought your struggles to be a lack of effort, or that your difficulties with focus and concentration was because of laziness. These perceptions largely come from a lack of knowledge and understanding about different factors that can affect learning and education. However, while you might know the root causes on a rational level, you might still be feeling the impact of these negative beliefs on your self-confidence. Even if you do try to explain that you’re dealing with ADHD rather than laziness, you might run into a language barrier. Your therapist can help you process all of these feelings, and unlearn these negative beliefs about yourself. (For ADHD considerations in women of color, read more here.)

Managing your personal life

A woman smiles while sitting at a laptop workspace. This could symbolize the newfound joy cultivated by adult ADHD therapy in Los Angeles, CA. Learn more about therapy for ADHD in Los Angeles, CA, and other services offered in person and online via online therapy in California.

As you process your past experiences, you may also find that you need to manage your adult ADHD symptoms in your present life. An Asian American therapist can help you explore the intersections of ADHD and Asian American identity, particularly in the ways that these can affect your current self-care and your relationships. Many ADHD adults can find that they struggle with maintaining a self-care routine, keeping up with household chores, and finding time for hobbies. Your therapist can help you identify barriers to tackling these issues. For example, you may have underlying beliefs that you can’t take the time to take care of yourself until you have finished all of your work. Or, your family may have set the expectation that you cannot take time for fun unless you have tackled all of your responsibilities. While that makes sense on a surface level, it can lead to burnout.

Many ADHD adults may also find that they struggle with their relationships, especially when it comes to communicating their feelings and advocating for their needs. In Asian American immigrant families, who have to prioritize survival above all else, it can be very uncommon to talk about your emotions. Your parents may have pushed aside their discomfort and their pain in order to keep the family together and make things work. You may find yourself putting your struggles aside to make the relationship work. It can also be difficult to identify your needs making it difficult for your friend or partner to support you. Your therapist can help you identify these obstacles in your relationships and work with you on communication and coping strategies to help with addressing them.

Improving your work and career

A woman sits at a table while smiling and her head against her head and talking to someone. Learn how adult ADHD therapy in Los Angeles, CA can help improve focus. Online therapy in California can help address adult ADHD in Los Angeles, CA, and more.

For some ADHD individuals, they may find themselves succeeding in professional life rather than personal life. However, this success may exist largely on the surface. You might be working in a stable job and getting your work done, but at what cost to yourself? Many Asian American adults may find that the pressure to succeed from their families can push them into cycles of burnout in their work and career. You may not have the prioritization or organization skills to help you stay on top of your workload, and you may find yourself relying on the adrenaline of procrastination to help you meet your important deadlines. Thus, in spite of these personal challenges, you probably find a way to get all of your work done, though with the result of feeling exhausted afterwards.

Additionally, many ADHDers find that they are drawn to more creative fields, but this can be complicated by Asian American families who encourage their children to pursue STEM careers. This mismatch, in the kind of work that you enjoy and the kind of work that you do, can also affect your mood and motivation when it comes to your career. Your ADHD therapist can help you shift your values and beliefs when it comes to work and burnout, and identify a path forward that brings both joy and sustainability. If you find that you need more concrete support with executive functioning skills, you may also benefit from our ADHD coaches.

Begin Adult ADHD Therapy and Coaching in Los Angeles, CA and New York with YCC

Our practice offers both therapy and coaching to help ADHD adults with all of these things. Our Asian American psychotherapists can help you understand the emotional impact of your ADHD experience, while our coaches can help you learn new skills and strategies.

By processing your experience and managing your symptoms, you can address your ADHD and build the life that you want. Are you ready to get started with one of our ADHD clinicians? Follow the steps below to work with clinicians at our Los Angeles and New York City-based therapy practices.

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